Grow Tall Naturally – 5 tips to Increase Your Height


Most people are not happy with their current height and are therefore relentlessly searching for ways to increase their height. Unfortunately, there are many ways which entail the use of chemicals to increase height than there are natural methods. Most of these pills that claim to increase your height in weeks are scam and actually achieve nothing. Obviously, most people would prefer natural methods as they have no health side effects associated with them. Naturally, men will become stagnant in their height from the age of 20 to 24 years while women will stop increasing in height a couples of years after their first menstruation. The following are tips that will help you increase your height even after you are passed the age of growing taller.

  1. Eat the correct type of diet

Diet plays a very significant role in your height. In fact the diet is the most important tip of all the tips to increase one’s height. A diet rich in proteins and calcium helps when it comes to height because they strengthen the bones. A tall body is more likely to be heavier than a short body and therefore the need for strong bones to hold the body. Consumption of dairy products greatly helps as they are rich in calcium and zinc mineral ions which strengthen bones. There are certain foods that anyone who is interested in having a tall body should avoid. These include high sugar level foods as well as carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid which eats away the bones making them weaker.

  1. Have enough regular exercises

Frequent exercises facilitate in growing tall. Frequent exercises should be done on a daily basis. One needs to plan their time well so that they are able to have the exercises at the same time daily. If due to unavoidable circumstances you skip the exercises for a particular day make sure you make up for the exercises missed. The ideal time for each set of exercise should around 30 minutes and the exercises should entail a lot of stretching in order to increase height. The most common type of stretching exercises are hanging, sprinting as well as swimming. These exercises make the body muscles grow taller and hence an increase in height.

  1. Have enough time for sleeping

Adequate sleep is vital in an attempt to grow taller. Pituitary glands releases growth hormone which helps in growing tall. Research has found that these growth hormones increase several hours after falling asleep. As result, more growth hormones are released when one is asleep leading to more growth. The ideal time that one who is seeking to be tall should spend sleeping is 8-9 hours.

  1. Maintain the right body posture

The right body posture helps people to grow taller faster. The right posture is having a straight back, shoulders back, chin up, chest outwards and face ahead. It is also advisable to sleep without a pillow or use a very thin pillow. This ensures the spinal cord is properly aligned. A proper posture maintains the length of the spinal cord making you feel and appear taller.


Ron Yahaloms