How To Grow Crazy Amounts Of Basil At Home


Basil is a great herb for anyone that likes to cook.  It allows you to add flavor and color to a meal in a natural and healthy way.

Basil has been used in cooking for thousands of years for its unique taste and ease of growth.  It is harder to keep basil from overtaking your garden than it is to start growing it in the first place.  Once you get a plant growing vigorously, you can start to grow basil from cuttings and keep growing for eternity.

This herb is also very easy to care for compared to many other plants. I have kept my supply alive for three years with my brown thumb so that you can do the same.  Trust me; it’s not as hard as you might think it is!

How to start your basil garden

If you are looking to start your basil garden, you can purchase a young plant or purchase seeds.  Either way, make sure that you buy them from somewhere you trust so that you aren’t wasting your money!

Starting from seed

Basil is very simple to start from seed if you can remember to water it often.  Start by finding a pot of your desired size and fill it with soil that drains well.  You want to make sure that excess water will run out of the pot instead of sitting in the soil waiting to rot the roots.

Plant the seeds just below the surface of the soil leaving a few inches between each plant.  Once the seedlings start growing, you will need to cut the weaker once off so that each plant has about a foot on all sides.  Don’t try to space them before they grow because some seeds won’t sprout.

Starting from nursery stock

If you want to start from established plants, you will want to repot them as soon as you get them home.  Plant them in a pot of your own with enough room that they can grow and expand.  It is important that you don’t fertilize them until at least two weeks after replanting or you can burn the roots.

Propagate New Plants

Once you have a few established plants, you can propagate new basil from the trimmings.  Each time you trim your plant, keep a few of the cuttings and place them in water for a few weeks.  After two or three weeks, you will notice the cuttings have established roots in the water.  You can then plant those cuttings in the dirt and let them grow.

Tips For Keeping Basil Alive

Once you have established a few basil plants, keep them thriving so you can continue to propagate.  Use these tips to help keep your basil garden going forever!

  • Make sure your soil has plenty of air flow. Thin the soil out with Perlite if you need to.
  • Keep your basil in a warm spot that receives plenty of sunshine during the day.
  • Fertilize your plant at least once a month
  • Check your basil every day and water anytime it looks dry.
  • Don’t be afraid to prune often. Every time you cut a branch off, two more will grow
  • Keep insects away!
Josh Stockton