How to Grow Your Own Avocado Tree


Avocado is one of the healthiest foods with lots of benefits for health:

  • They are packing full of antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fats, which are essential for reducing inflammation in the body and reducing the risks of developing cancer.
  • Avocados also contain fiber, which is essential for keeping the digestive system and intestines healthy.
  • The nourishing nutrients in the fruit are also wonderful for beautifying purposes such as repairing hair damage and softening the skin.

For all these outstanding reasons, growing an avocado tree so you can always have these outstanding fruits on hand as often as possible just might something to consider.

The Steps to Growing an Avocado Seed

Step #1 Determine the Perfect Spot to Grow Your Avocado Tree

Avocado trees love to grow in warm tropical climates where there is little to no frost. The trees also must have full sun without strong winds in order to grow strong and healthy. However, as the tree begins to grow and develop bark you will need to place a protective layering cover over the trunk part due to its sensitivity to sunlight. Not doing so will cause the dry to become damage and possibly die. You will also need to make sure you plant your avocado tree where the soil is deep, fertile, moist, yet well drained. The best season to plant, the avocado tree is in the springtime if you are planting your avocado tree from seed. If you are not, and planting a young avocado tree instead it should not matter when you plant it.

Step #2 Planting the Avocado Seed or Young Tree

Once you have determined the right spot to plant your avocado tree and you know what type you want such as Hass, Wurtz, Fuerte, or Bacon, you can dig a hole about a few inches down into the ground and plant the seed, or you can dig a foot deep hole to plant a young avocado tree. After, fill the hole in so the seed or roots of the tree are covered well. If you are planting a young avocado tree, you will want to make sure you also add support to tree to hold it up if needed by using a tree support gardening kit. This will help the tree grow straight and provide the proper amount of support until the roots deepen and the tree becomes stronger.

Step #3 Providing Nourishment to the Tree

To ensure you grow a strong and healthy avocado tree it is wise to make sure it receives the proper amount of water each day and some plant food or fertilizer each month  to replenish the soil it is growing in. This will also ensure your tree produces fruits when it matures.

#4 Harvesting Avocados from the Tree

Within 10-years, the avocado tree you planted should be mature enough to produce avocado fruits. Once the avocado fruits are plump and round with a thick skin it is time to harvest them. It is important to keep in mind that avocados never ripen on the tree. They have to be picked and place in the window near sunlight to ripen. It is important to harvest all your mature avocado fruits within a few weeks from the tree during harvesting season because not doing so could effect next years avocado crop.

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