Green Tea Extract: How to Burn Fat and Super Charge Weight Loss


Green tea extract offers an amazingly effective, natural way to burn fat, lose weight and enjoy superior health benefits. Unlike many other supposed fat burning supplements, green tea’s ability to burn fat works for just about anybody, whether you’re an avid fitness buff or a person who simply takes a daily walk.

How Does Green Tea Extract Burn Fat?

Boosts Metabolism

Green tea naturally boosts metabolism with its unique properties which include natural caffeine as well as other substances that help burn fat. In fact, it’s so effective, you can even use caffeine free green tea and still enjoy the metabolic boost that burns fat.

Super Charges Endurance

For those that are serious about fitness and exercise, green tea dramatically enhances endurance levels, especially when exercising or while doing any physical activity.

Strengthens Immune System

Aside from the major fitness and fat burning benefits, green tea also boosts the immune system because it is a super antioxidant that helps to fight off illness and slows the effects of aging.

How Much Green Tea Extract to Take

Green tea is found in supplement and tea form. In order to benefit from the super fat burning benefits, it’s generally more effective and easier to use in supplement form. You can get green tea extract in pills or capsules.

A recommended daily dose to burn fat is 600 mg of EGCG (epigallocathechin gallate – the metabolism boosting element of green tea.). You can split the dosage up into two or three doses to spread it out over the day.

It would be difficult to take this amount in tea form, since an average cup of tea offers about 40 mg of EGCG. To burn fat at an accelerated rate, you’ll need to take it in supplement form.

For those who want to modify this suggestion, you can take the advice of noted dermatologist and nutritionist, Dr. Perricone. He suggests drinking green tea in place of your coffee over a period of 6 weeks to easily lose 10 lbs. without any other changes to your diet.

Of course, your fat burning efforts will benefit most from taking green tea extract when you exercise and lower your caloric intake.

Safety and Precautions

Green tea extract is generally safe for everyone, except for those who suffer from serious liver damage. Some people might experience jitters, stomach ache or minor anxiety because of the caffeine content. You can always opt to take caffeine free green tea extract or simply drink tea, if you prefer.

If you have any health concerns, be sure to discuss the use of green tea extract to burn fat with your trainer or health care professional.

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