Green Your Plate with Chinese Cabbage


Bok Choy is one of the commonly available vegetables of Chinese origin, that’s why it has another name – ” Chinese cabbage”. It is used in the form of a favourite ingredient, normally used for stir-fry and soups, it is a very popular salad material as well.

It’s well known that eat Chinese cabbage may boost weight loss as it is so lower in calories and rich in fiber. While the benefits of Chinese cabbage are not stop here, listed below are more reasons why you should green your plate with Chinese cabbage:

1.Boosts immune system

Chinese cabbage helps in removing the toxins from the body thus boosting the immune system and stopping disease as well as infection. It has very good amount of vitamin C, 100g of fresh green Chinese cabbage provides around 45% of daily needs of vitamin C.

2.Prevents heart disease

The potassium contained in Chinese cabbage performs a huge role to safeguard the body from heart related issues. It will help to manage hypertension of the body and in addition helps prevent the blood sugar levels from rising.

3.Prevents constipation

The dietary fibre in Chinese cabbage helps in improving the metabolism of the intestinal tract that tends to be sluggish. It has to be consumed in the evening to get best results.

4.Eye health

Eating Chinese cabbage on a regular basis is good for the eyesight as it consists of beta carotene that is incredibly eye healthy.

5.Good for skin

It is highly beneficial in reducing the aging effects of the skin such as wrinkles as it is anti-oxidant which help in eliminating the free radicals .

6.Protects your teeth and bones

Calcium as well as vitamin K are essential to maintain your teeth and bones strongl. A cupful of cooked bok choy offers about 16 % of the everyday requirement of calcium as well as 64 % for vitamin K.

It is also rich in vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium, thus making the bones and teeth strong and healthy.

More reasons you should love Chinese cabbage besides these amazing benefits listed above:

7.It’s cheap:

Chinese cabbage is one of the cheapest vegetable available in the market. It is very affordable thus can be purchased in large quantities as well.

8.It’s grown throughout the year:

It means that you can get fresh ones anytime all over the year. You do not have to wait for any season to enjoy as it is easily available at any market.


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