How We Got Tricked Into Processed Food


So what happened? How did we get tricked into all this “Processed Non-food”? Well, that is, indeed, a good question!

I think there are a few compound reasons but I am sure one of the biggest reasons started just after WWII. This was the time when the babies were booming and TV was just coming out. Mom and Grandma were amazed at how quiet and well behaved the children were as they watched their heroes like Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, Hop-along Cassidy and The Lone Ranger ride to incredible victories.

This was good healthy stuff to watch on TV but the sponsors of these shows were anything but good and healthy for us.  Remember “Twinkie the Kid”? (With a cowboy hat and rope) or how about the few million times you heard “Wonder Bread helps build strong bodies 12 ways”? Or what about the TV promotion that was just getting started with the catch phrase, “Better living through chemistry”?

One of the worst assaults that successfully targeted our youth is accredited to the soft drink, “Dr Pepper” (One of the highest sugar containing sodas) The “Good Doctor’s” advice was on the label with a picture of a clock showing “10:00, 2:00 and 4:00” suggesting that you drink this around the clock at these times (3 bottles a day) every day to improve your health.

There were a ton of other sugar filled processed “cup cake delights” that had a shelf life of many years due to all the chemical preservatives. These were pushed along with new packaged snacks that had enough chemicals to “never go bad”. And to top off all this, microwaveable instant meals were just coming in from left field.

Now with the kids being so well behaved while watching all this great wholesome stuff (Like Roy Rogers) on TV, Mom and even Grandma began to come to some of there own conclusions. As a child I remember overhearing my Grandma saying something to my mom like, “Life seems to be going in a better direction lately. The kids are quiet and these new “modern miracle” instant foods, Wonder Bread, Hostess Twinkies, sugar coated cereals, and TV dinners must all be a part of this whole new “blessing from God” in this new modern age. These new foods must be good for you because modern science has “enriched” and “ fortified” them with so many good vitamins! Before this, all our kids were ever getting from us was food made with plain old natural ingredients”.

Are you beginning to see where things went bad and how the media was responsible for tricking us into swallowing all these lies? All this stuff from the 50’s and 60’s led up to the sad predicament we now have.

One of our worst processed food nightmares of today is Country Time Lemonade by Kraft Foods. This is at the very top of the list for dangerous food products containing the known cancer causing substance, benzene.

Sodium benzoate is used in many processed foods as a preservative; however, this product also contains a lot of ascorbic acid. (Disguised as natural vitamin C) These two chemicals actually form the chemical known as benzene when combined together.

Benzene is a well known cancer-causing chemical and studies have shown it to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths from leukemia and other cancers. The FDA knew of the problem as early as 1990, but never made the findings public.

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Chris Gussa
Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise.

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