Google Adsense – Click your way to … Hey, where did my account go!?


Google Adsense allows you to earn money on a per click basis by permitting their advertisers banners to run on your website. It is easy to set up and monitor.

I set up the Adsense account in conjunction with my Natural News blog the beginning of August. My articles have been doing well. Checking the Adsense account, in the first month it had made $158, which was to be paid out October 1st, 2013. I had compiled another $50 or so dollars from the early portion of September as well. Then suddenly, without warning or notice, my account was disabled. No reason was given.

All I was told came from a form letter, which stated “Your account has been disabled. We’re limited in the amount of information we can provide about your specific violation. We understand this can be frustrating for you, but we’ve taken these precautionary measures because intentional violators can use this information to circumvent our detection systems.”

“We’ve created a list of the top reasons for account closure for you to review before submission at Please be sure to provide a thorough analysis in your appeal, which you can submit at and we will follow up accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding,
The Google AdSense Team

In other words – We won’t tell you what you did wrong. Here is a list of what people usually do wrong. Now analyze yourself and beg our forgiveness. This does not sit well with me. I immediately removed their code from my site.

In attempts to reach out to Google I found it was not possible to contact them in any way shape or form other than their appeals form. Upon emailing I received an automated message back informing me that my account was not high enough up in status (as it is not a paid account) for them to be bothered with me. It was clear that if you were to upgrade to a paid account you would then be granted email access to customer service.

I looked online and found hundreds of other people in the same boat – accounts yanked out from under them once they had a check coming. There have apparently been several class action suits started as well.

Agreeing to jump through their hoops I filled out the appeals form. I could not analyze what I did wrong as I frankly have no idea. The main reason according to the blog boards seemed to be that people were clicking on their own banner ads in order to up the number of clicks per day and increase their earnings. Myself, I clicked on a few ads. Never more than once – I feel I have the right to see who and what they are advertising on my blogs as that does reflect back on me.

I received a decision today via email from Google Adsense. It stated that they will not be reinstating my account; no payment will be made and do not bother to email them they will not be answering.


In my estimation? Google Adsense is complete fraud. They allow you to work for them, earn them money and then fire you at will with no pay for service.

Beware of Google Adsense.

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