When Is A Good Time To Change Your Hot Water Tank?


While it serves an important function in your household, many neglect the care and maintenance of their hot water tank.

Since it’s usually tucked away – out of sight, out of mind –  it tends to not be of concern until it kicks the bucket.

In fact, just a small, minor nuisance can quickly turn into a catastrophic problem if ignored.

From causing extensive damage to your walls, floors, sub-floors and personal belongings, to health issues that could arise from mold and mildew, you can find yourself in some pretty deep proverbial ‘ hot water’ –  fast.

Rather than accept a chilly future of ice-cold showers, it’s probably time to either fix or replace it. Avoiding this task can cause significant damage to your home-sweet-home – not to mention all the stress, mess and big hit on your wallet.

Here are 8 “tell-tale signs” it’s time to warm up to the idea of a new hot water tank.

1. A Leaky Tank

Out of all the signs that a water tank is in dire need of being replaced, a leaky tank is the most common. If you’ve noticed any changes in your hot water levels, take a peek around your tank.

Grab a light at check all around the floor of where your hot water tank is standing. Notice any dampness or puddles of water? How about sludge or corrosion? If so, your tank has sprung a leak – if it’s more like a puddle you will need a replacement ASAP before it causes damage to your home.

2. Take the Plunge

When you fill your bathtub with water, expecting a hot, steamy retreat, but instead are left shivering in a tub of icy water, it’s time to say goodbye to your hot water tank.

3. No Water is Coming From the Hot Tap

What’s worse than having cold water come from your hot water tap? How about no water at all? If you’ve ruled out frozen pipes (a common problem in cold areas), confirmed that the mains supply tap to your house is in fact on and that the cold water is still working, you could have a big problem with your hot water tank.

4. Showers Getting Shorter?

Does it seem like you rarely have time to rinse the shampoo out of your hair before your hot water turns into a shocking cold blast? Yes, it probably wakes you up faster than a Double-Double, but If your hot water isn’t lasting as long as it used to, there is probably a concern with your tank.

5. A Singing Tank

If your tank is singing a sad tune…er, making any racket at all for that matter, there could be a mechanical problem. The only person who should be singing in the shower –  hopefully a hot one –  is you. You will need to go out and replace that tank before it really tanks.

6. Age Isn’t Nothing but a Number –  Except When it Comes to Your Tank

On average, most hot water tanks last for 5 to 10 years. However, you may hit the hot water tank lottery by owning one that keeps on functioning properly for years beyond the warranty’s expiration.

If you’re in need of a hot water tank replacement as soon as possible, look for a reputable plumber that offers SAME DAY HOT WATER TANK INSTALLATION. A water heater leak isn’t going to fix itself – it’s only going to get worse and cost you even more than you bargained for down the road.

Once your hot water tank fails, it needs to be replaced right away, and right away means today! Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in a hot bath again – your cold water woes and leaky tank will be nothing but a distant memory.

Note: Never attempt to repair your faulty hot water tank yourself unless you are qualified to do so. To stay on the safe side, leave it in the capable hands of a qualified professional.

Kristyl Clark