Good News for Smokers And Former Smokers: A Juice From 3 Herbs Will Clean Your Lungs


Lung cleansing is as important as colon cleansing and liver cleansing, while for a smoker or ex-smoker, your lungs may be full of toxins and harmful chemicals from cigarettes. Lots of researches have found that those who quit smoking have traces of lung damage even after some years.

There are several ways you can do to keep your lungs function well.

First in the list, quit smoking now if you’re still not;

And some lung cleansing exercises are also effective;

Besides, there are also certain foods that are good for lung cleansing. Some recommended are green leafy veggies, garlic, onions, fresh fruits as well as other organic foods.

Also, herbal plants are useful too, many of which have been used for long time as natural remedies for lung cleansing. Plants such as oregano, eucalyptus, peppermint, lungwort, osha root and chaparral are all good solutions to help with normal lung functions.

Follow these better ways to detox your lungs and improve your overall health. Want more tricks? Here is a simple recipe with only 3 normal ingredients you can make at home. Make it and enjoy its miracle healing benefits:

A Miracle Juice Made with Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric to Purify Your Lungs


– 400 grams of garlic
– 400 grams of raw honey
– 2 tablespoons turmeric
– A small Ginger root
– 1 liter of water


Cut the garlic and ginger root, add them in the boiling water and let the mixture boils again.

Add the turmeric and reduce the heat to a lower temperature.

Let the mixture boiled again and remove it from the heat until the water is reduced by half.

Now add the honey and mix well, then strain and pour the mixture into a glass jar.

Save it in the fridge when the mixture becomes cooled completely.

How to use it:

Twice per day: Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture every morning on an empty stomach and 2 hours after your dinner.

Why it works:

Garlic contains allicin, which has ability to fight infection and reduce inflammation in lungs. Garlic has been shown to prevent lung cancer by removing free radicals from lungs due to it antioxidant properties. If you suffer from asthma or any other lung infections, try eating garlic. Chew 2-3 cloves of garlic every day or take a small amount of garlic juice will help you a lot.

Ginger has been used as a medicine for lots of ailments since long time, the anti-inflammatory function clears your lungs effectively. It also helps to get rid of the excess mucus in the lungs.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which removes cancer causing substances from lungs.

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