Good Butter vs Bad Butter

Good Butter vs Bad Butter

 We all have been there picking out the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and vegetable oils products thinking that it would be better for us than the ordinary butters.

We did this because we have been told by our doctors, media, and other health “experts” telling us that the artificial fats, such as those made in the laboratory is good for us than what we get from the animals. The American Heart Association stated “limiting saturated fats – which are found in butter, cheese, red meat and other animal-based foods”. But now the same people that told us that these fat are good for us are saying that they got it wrong. They are now discovering that trans fats are giving us heart disease and high cholesterol. There are studies after studies where we are finding out that artificial fat are the ones that give us heart-disease since our bodies don’t recognize these “foods” and don’t know what to do with them.

I, too, was hoodwinked by the health “experts” and start cooking with vegetable oils and artificial butters on my breads. I started to have chest pains, had high cholesterol and was getting overweight. I was only in my 20’s but my body felt like a 60 year old man that have been eating junk foods and smoking all his life. The medical doctors naturally wanted to put me on drugs, but I took my own health into my hands and started to research.  I found out that it was the vegetable oils and all these man-made “healthy” foods were the culprit in making my body unhealthy. So I threw out all the vegetable oils, and the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” products and just ate what cave-man ate.  I started to use coconut oils, which is a God-sent, and I use butters that were from cows that ate grass. And over time I have started to notice the changes in weight and I stop having pain in my chest every time I bent over to pick up something. And it showed in my blood tests as well, my LDL (the bad) cholesterol level were down while my HDL (the good) cholesterol level were high.

Before we start blaming the food industries and the medical doctors for misguided information, we have no one to blame but ourselves for not doing our own research and putting our responsibilities of protecting our own health in the hands of corporations, where their main objectives is making money not to promote health. There is no money to be made in nature, but there is money to be made in modifying natures to say that our product is better than what the nature has to offer. Our caveman/cavewoman ancestors ate tons of animal fats and meat, why? Because not only was the fatty part of the animal tasty but also it was a survival mechanism where fat will provide warm in the winter. I believe that the modern westernized society have a rampant increasing levels of Parkinson’s disease Arzhemier’s disease, and other neurological diseases because we have limited or cut out the fat in our diets. We are not getting the proper nutritional requirements that are needed because our body lacks the tools to use the nutrition that is coming into our system. For example vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat soluble vitamins meaning these vitamins need fat in order for the body to absorb them. If we are limiting our fat intake, what do you think these vitamins will go to? It will end up in the urine or the bowel of the person since he/she is not absorbing it. And the western conventional medicine would make you want to think that supplements and herbs are nothing but fraud and you are just peeing money out of your body. As Herbert states “Do you take vitamin pills? Has it occurred to you to question whether you really need them? You should. Most of the hundred million or so Americans who take them are merely nourishing their toilets and making vitamin manufacturers rich.”

The Solutions

Now many of you might think this guy must have a high cholesterol level and high blood pressure but the last time I went to the doctor and got my physical check-up, my LDL was 52 mg/dL, total cholesterol level was 93 mg/dL. This is after I have started my new diet of cooking using only coconut oils. I also just take a slice of butter in the morning and just eat them raw since I know my body is going to use it as I go throughout the day in the sun absorbing the vitamin D through my skin.


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Harry Lee LAc
I am a descendent of a long line of acupuncturists. My grandfather was a pharmacist and an acupuncturist in Korea. My mother has been practicing acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine for over 20 years in California. I have witnessed what oriental medicine and acupuncture can achieve with a broad range of patients, including those that have grown dissatisfied with Western Medicine and those that continue to treat with Western Medicine. You can find out more about me at my webiste @