Golden Honey Remedy: A Powerful Natural Antibiotic


As fall winds down and winter approaches, it is not only the start of the holidays but of the cold and flu season. People are naturally interested in remedies that can help them either prevent getting this nasty viruses or to treat them effectively if they do contract an illness. While there are many commercial or over-the-counter concoctions you could use, a DIY remedy that you make yourself at home can save you a lot of money and prove to be even more effective at treating an illness. One such remedy is golden honey, a combination of honey and turmeric. While both of these are powerful healers even if taken alone, when combined they are a potent tool indeed for keeping you healthy over the winter.
Recipe for Golden Honey

Ingredients :

  • 3.5 ounces of honey
  • 1 tablespoon powdered turmeric

Directions :

Mix the turmeric into the honey and stir until well-blended. It is best to store this remedy in an air-tight glass container, such as a glass jar with a screw-top lid.

How to Use Golden Honey

Begin using golden honey as soon as you start displaying the first symptoms of a cold or flu, such as a subtle body ache or a scratchy, uncomfortable throat. The recommended dosage is as follows:
On the first day, consume half a teaspoon of the mix every half an hour.On the second day, consume half a teaspoon of this mix every two hours.On the third day, consume half a teaspoon of medicine three times a day.
It is better not to swallow the medicine right away, but let the honey more or less melt in your mouth. After three days of use, your symptoms should clear up.

Why and How this Works

This remedy works because it takes two of the most powerful healers known to man – the turmeric and the honey – and combines them for a very potent medicine to help you through the cold and flu season. Honey has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that all combine to strengthen your immunity and make it easier for your body to ward on infections. On the other hand, turmeric contains an ingredient known as curcumin and it is the curcumin which gives this golden spice its medicinal value. Curcumin, too, is another powerful antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well. These two ingredients combined make for an amazing course of treatment.

In conclusion, if you are wanting to stay healthy this winter and avoid the aches, fatigue and pain of the cold or flu, this golden honey is something you should definitely considering whipping up. It can be made and stored ahead of time, is easy and cheap to prepare and is also incredibly effective at strengthening your immune system and fight off pathogens like viruses or bacteria. It is definitely a natural and effect way to have a happy holiday season this year!

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