Gold: Is it Part of YOUR Safe Store of Wealth?



What is the biggest difference between personal money management today than a generation ago?


Few “pay themselves first” anymore! —AND— Few save money in a bank anymore! And nearly no one saves GOLD to preserve purchasing power and as a hedge against inflation!


Let’s face it, there is a decided lack of savings in the uSA (and really most other “western” countries). The reasons for this lack are myriad, but underlying this lack, there are several that are pervasive. “They,” that is, the banksters and powers-that-be, have carefully crafted this behavior over the course of the past generation.


Starting with the credit card, “instant gratification” was glorified by the banksters and remains one of the most invasive ways to knockout the ability to save money. Cash has even begun to be portrayed as “too slow” when you can “swipe a card” faster. And why would anyone actually save money in a bank when the interest you might expect on an annual basis is less than 1%. Such a figure is an insult to anyone who would park their dollars for safe-keeping in a bank, just to be able to retrieve those dollars at their whim. Most would-be savers realize that inflation makes saving paper money a foolish proposition. It has become better to spend whatever you can as fast as you can, before prices rise!


And guess what? That is exactly the plan…for them; that is, the banksters and powers-that-be! Force folks not to have any savings and bring folks into the realm of the welfare state. Welfare state being code for “more control” from cradle-to-grave.


Americans in particular, have thus become the instant gratification nation over the course of a single generation!


Of course, for anyone who cares to know the truth, all of these problems stem from the lack of an honest money system. There would be no ability to have an instant gratification nation with honest money. The lack of honest money, is due to The Federal Reserve Bank, which is no more federal than Federal Express. And there are no reserves. The Fed is a private bank issuing fiat debt notes printed out of thin air.


As the squeeze continues to be put upon folks with layoffs, unemployment, and under-employment, more and more, savings accounts are becoming a thing of the past. Again, this is “by plan.”


What is needed is an honest money system. And that won’t happen anytime soon if left to the powers that be. Americans in particular, need to step-up and take quite drastic action. We need to change our way of thinking and consider grassroots efforts to abandon “their” currency (fiat paper money). That may sound too simpleton, but it actually can be! There are emerging a plethora of alternatives out there, from barter-based groups, to “Ithaca Bucks,” to Bitcoin, to GOLD and silver.


And in the “for what it is worth” (FWIW) category, your money is no longer safe in banks:



Reference what happened in Argentina circa 2000, or Cyprus earlier this year. That was a test. Soon it will be your retirement accounts! With social security going bust and Uncle Sam not even filling it with more paper IOUs, you can be sure your retirement funds are at risk! There is already open discussion of legalized raids being pondered. “Google” that! Even Mike Adams, Health Ranger has written about this before! A longer article discusses how wars and more are caused by dishonest money:


In practice, Americans (and most western nations) are faced with just two options:


Spend fiat (paper) currency as fast as it can be acquired —OR— SAVE REAL currency-grade GOLD currency (bullion and coins) as fast as it can be acquired.


Only the latter is the way to preserve purchasing power, create generational wealth, and hedge against inflation! In other words, a safe store of wealth!


It is my desire to dig up and find systems and alternatives, whether Bitcoin, GOLD, silver, or other, which allow those concerned with the devaluation of the fiat (paper) dollar to divest themselves of such a counterfeit debt note.


But government hates competition. Of late, it is attacking Bitcoin. Then there has been the failed attempt by Bernard Von Nothaus to provide “Norfed” real silver coins. These coins were unfortunately called “NORFED” dollars, whereby the banksters and the Federal Reserve attacked and successfully shut down an honest currency competitor to their dishonest debt notes, simply with the lame excuse Von Nothaus was labeling his silver as “dollars.” But this goes far more to trying to be an imitation, than to be a standard. Silver and gold bullion are readily used as currency because they are not minted to imitate debt notes or fiat currencies.


It is important that whatever alternative one pursues, especially as it relates to precious metals, not be considered an investment, but rather a safe store of wealth that protects purchasing power and provides a hedge against inflation, as mentioned above. One should be looking at a longer term plan of savings over the course of at least 3-5 years. Accumulating consistently and using as little of the savings as possible, so as to build a true generational wealth “vehicle.” Price of the commodity in this scenario is of little importance. If the underlying precious metal is GOLD, it must be able to be affordable to acquire so that it is done consistently. Most GOLD coins are not small enough to be affordable to the average person.



There are several factors to consider when considering holding any bullion. Let us start with perhaps the most intriguing reason not normally identified:


Legislative confiscation: Any government minted or stamped coins or bullion can technically be legislatively confiscated. That is, the CONgress (or worse, executive order [read: “let’s just skip over CONgress”]) can go and pass statutes stealing back anything it has coined or minted under color of law. Not only, but it can pay you the face value of coins and “call-it-a-day!” Only privately issued bullion is truly safe from such confiscation. Of course, most will simply argue “you and whose army is going to pry my gold from my cold dead hands” but the threat does technically exist.


Weight: Is the weight in a size that is small enough to use in routine commerce? Could you pay bills with it or buy groceries, or get your oil changed? Is the weight small enough to discourage counterfeiting?


Purity: This is the amount of the actual precious metal contained within the whole weight (quantity). Most coins over a half-ounce or so, contain at least some sort of hardener metal, used to maintain the size and shape of the coin. For silver and GOLD, one should be looking for at minimum, 99.9% or higher purity. This is the U.S. standard for government issued bullion and silver coins. Most Canadian coin silver and GOLD is 99.99% pure or “4-9 pure” in industry lingo. This is as highly refined standard as you will find. There are some who have achieved 5-9 pure and higher refining, but it is not found standard. With GOLD, this is also called the karat content. Jewelry in the U.S. is typically 10K and 14K, with occasional 18K sometimes found. American GOLD Eagles are considered 22K (91.67% gold, 8.33% other hardeners like silver). Finally pure GOLD is considered 24K. A 10K piece GOLD or silver that is vaulted bullion becomes worth less the moment it leaves the vault. It is much like driving a new car off the dealers lot, it loses significant value. However, with GOLD or silver, the reason for the loss of value is the capacity of someone to cause all manner of mischief (read: counterfeiting) along the way. Circa 2009, China discovered tungsten-filled GOLD bullion allegedly shipped by the U.S. The story:



The point of the importance of certification, is that once shipped, GOLD from a vault is no longer guaranteed to be received as the purity originally claimed upon shipment. The larger the weight, the more “incentive” for someone with criminal intent to act. Small weight GOLD bullion is attractive from that standpoint, because the weight is small enough to be impractical and unprofitable to counterfeit.


There are now refiners of small weight GOLD bullion who ship the bullion in “traveling vaults” that is, tamper-proof packages that include several security features that cannot be supplied in larger weight bullion. These traveling vaults include the certification signature on-board, a hologram laminated onto the GOLD, serial#, and other security features.


Affordability: Is the bullion reasonably priced that it can be acquired by anyone? There is at least one company allowing anyone to make purchases by dollar amount as well as by the unit (grams). Once anyone understands the difference between weight in grams and ounces, they will never opt for buying by the ounce. The same company also allows storage of the bullion for free, until the buyer determines to have it shipped. For dollar amounts that do not purchase a whole unit, in this case, a gram of GOLD bullion, the dollar amount is applied toward the purchase of that much of a fraction of a gram of GOLD at the buy price. If the buy price changes when the amount of the dollar purchase is made again, whatever the buy price is at that time is the amount applied to the purchase of the whole gram, and the overage for that gram is applied toward the next gram being purchased and so on. Some call this dollar cost averaging.


Usability: The bullion absolutely has to be liquid. If there is no merchant willing to accept it as payment for goods and services, its only value is in being able to convert back to cash. But the whole point of coverting cash to bullion in the first place, is to use it as a store of value. Granted in general, the acquisition price of the bullion in paper dollars is moving up, someone truly saving it as a hedge against inflation, and generational wealth is not worried what the liquidity value might be. But there are few refiners that are working to build a network of merchants willing to accept GOLD bullion as payment. The company I have identified, is perhaps the only one working to build a merchant network. This same company will be releasing a smartphone app as early as 2014, allowing merchants in their network and savers in the same network, to make payments and transfers in fractional grams of GOLD! Meaning no conversion to paper!


Until recently, there has never before emerged an honest currency-grade GOLD bullion alternative that allowed someone to consistently and afford-ably acquire, save, and spend REAL (GOLD) bullion as currency. I have identified three companies that meet all of the above requirements. Of those, one offers the opportunity to acquire GOLD bullion in affordable weights, which is fast becoming accepted by merchants for payment toward the goods and services those merchants offer.


The company is using a growing affiliate network to distribute its GOLD bullion and also attract merchants. This also allows affiliates to leverage sales and efforts into earning perpetually FREE GOLD, which of course, is better than any discount!


Another consideration not mentioned above, is “mindset.” What I mean by mindset, is how one considers their acquisition of GOLD. If one is pursuing a long-term strategy of constant savings, then one should not be concerned with the price, because this is not an investment, it is a hedge against inflation and wealth PRESERVATION, which is infinitely more important than appreciation. Like a pint of milk is more expensive by unit volume than a gallon of milk, so is GOLD bullion by the gram more expensive than by the ounce. But that is the whole point of the smaller weights. While it takes the exact same amount of effort to refine a gram as it does an ounce, there is no package size scaling that goes with it for pricing. In fact, because the smaller sizes can be constructed into a “traveling vault,” they have a justified higher mark-up beneficial to the end customer! The other part of “mindset” is to consider you are not spending money. You are converting unstable depreciating fiat (fake) paper debt notes to stable appreciating REAL (GOLD) currency!


Finally, there is the leveraged political statement being considered: It is an opportunity to stand-up and TAKE ACTION by voting with your money. It is perhaps the only leverage against corrupt political power there is, and it doesn’t involve a war of words or bullets. It is a way to fight the banks and governments that created this debt crisis without loss of life and/or wealth!



There is no catch. Start saving a gram of GOLD each week. If you would like to acquire FREE GOLD and build passive income and even wealth, you have to be willing to work hard and follow a systematic 12-week proven plan of action and SAVE REAL currency first!

Look, this is the ONLY sure store of wealth you will ever have–your retirement savings, SECURE in your own hands, beyond the clutches of banks, brokerages (Wall St.) & government.  HONEST money CAN and WILL save this nation…YOUR business & YOUR family! Visit the link above to find out how.


The NetProphet