Is Going Gluten-Free Healthy?!


It’s a Myth.
As going gluten-free can only be right for someone who has celiac disease. Because gluten-free diet contains soda which can be a little tricky, if taken in excess. As our body is designed to process gluten. So, anything that lacks gluten might be bad for our system. As an over-intake of gluten rich foods might hamper your intestines. So, I suggest you eat gluten, normally and avoid it in case of celiac disease.
Avoid GLUTEN-Free: IF
A gluten-free diet can deprive you of serious minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Although, food label says that it is gluten-free, but it’s filled with fillers like additives, preservatives, and other forms of sneaky gluten.
Plus, gluten free foods are more rich in heavy metals, and calories. Which is also proven by Mayo Clinic, to raise the heavy metals content in the blood which is namely as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic? Which can be highly injurious to your health?
According to recent research, carried by digestive disease week, too many kids were eating a gluten-free diet. Which impaired their development as gluten-free foods lack important nutrients.

Another study, held between 2009 and 2014, 22,000 people were studied and out of which 1.1% people followed gluten-free diet although the results showed 0.72% of people had gluten sensitivity. So, the rest were following gluten-free for a waste of time, and health.

Kiran’s Footnote:

As there is no precise method or test to evaluate “non-celiac gluten sensitivity,” in people. Other than an elimination diet. Which is the only reliable method to find out if you are gluten sensitive?

As, for most of the cases with celiac disease patients, going gluten-free tends to be the right decision.

And for the rest of us:

Usually, the most common method to find gluten sensitivity is by observing symptoms like a foggy brain, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, numbness, headache, ADHD, anemia, joint pain, osteoporosis, depression, balance difficulties, and leg numbness.

A gluten-free diet is healthy for celiac patients. Still, very little evidence is provided,  in regards to,  other non-celiac patients to find gluten-less food helpful! However, if you really feel positive health benefits from eliminating gluten from your diet, then I suggest you consider other sources of Iron, folic acid, fiber, and vital nutrients.

Stay Healthy!


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