Ginger is Better than Drugs for Pain, study says


For those who have to live with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis (or other chronic inflammatory conditions), the pain, stiffness or discomfort of inflammation can easily become a part of everyday life. And it can make the everyday tasks of living, simple things like dressing, walking, housework or shopping, very difficult to keep up with. That is why so many people turn to corticosteroid treatments or over-the-counter pain medications for relief. However, more and more research is mounting to suggestion that the answer to relief from these conditions may lie in the spice cabinet instead of the pharmacy. Read on to find out more.

What the New Study Shows

This new study, recently published in the medical journal Arthritis, pitted the use of ginger extract against the use of corticosteroids and/or pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol for patients who are suffering from either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. The key to treating these conditions is to reduce the inflammation that is responsible for so much pain and stiffness to begin with. Researchers in this study found that ginger extract and betamethasone (a popular corticosteroid medication) were equally effective at reducing inflammatory markers in the body.

What is important, however, is the fact that the ginger was able to reduce inflammation without many of the unwanted side effects that use of betamethasone can bring with it. Such side effects can include water weight gain with swelling or edema, a negative impact on blood sugar levels, depression and other emotional problems, and stomach irritation. It can also cause serious problems if used for a long period of time, such as raised blood pressure, abnormal heartbeat, headaches and insomnia. Use of ginger extract, however, can prevent any of these side effects from occurring.

Other Research

This is not the only study to look at the effectiveness of ginger for these conditions. Another study out of Denmark looked at patients suffering from arthritis conditions, giving them 1 gram of ginger extract daily. By the end of the study, patients on these supplements reported a significant reduction in pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints and a great increase in overall mobility and ease of movement. Significantly, no side effects were reported.

In conclusion, those who are suffering from the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid or osteoarthritis (or who are struggling to manage other chronic inflammatory conditions) should definitely consider the use of ginger in their medical regimen and consult with a naturopath to see what kind of dosage and frequency would meet their individual needs. It can truly bring symptom relief without the potentially serious side effects of current mainstream medical treatment.


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