Get Your Bases Covered – The Importance of a Daily Core Superfood Drink


It can be difficult to know where to start when faced with the deluge of information about the benefits of this food or that herb, this vegetable or that superfood.  While it is beneficial to consume a variety of organic foods and natural supplements, however, there is an order of importance that should be heeded to ensure that all one’s bases are covered, so to speak.

For a variety of reasons, the food available for purchase today, even if organically grown, is a nutritional shadow of what it was just fifty years ago.  According to one study, to receive the vitamin A content of a single apricot from 1953 would require more than 50 apricots today.  It’s impossible for anyone to expect to fulfill or exceed his or her basic nutritional needs over time given this change in the quality of the food supply, which is why a measured approach needs to be taken to ensure that one’s core nutritional needs are not only met, but exceeded for optimal health.

This approach is the use of at least one core superfood-saturated drink per day.  Superfoods are food substances packed with nutrition—often the nutritional density so many multiples higher than even organically grown common vegetables and fruit that superfood consumption can make the consumption of other foods for nutritional needs almost negligible.

The term “superfood” has become a buzzword, unfortunately, allowing the line between actual superfoods and regular foods to become so blurred as to cause the original intent behind the term to lose much of its meaning.

Real superfoods should be able to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients in such high amounts as to make the need for nutrients from other foods almost an afterthought, the exceptions being the mineralization provided by full-spectrum sea salts and macronutrients like protein.  My own list of them is below—while this is not meant to be comprehensive, I do think it represents the majority of true superfoods available, that is, superfoods that one can live on almost exclusively for nutritional needs.  While there are a variety of other superfood-like substances, like reishi mushrooms and astragalus, these tend not to actually provide the nutritional base needed in a daily superfood-saturated drink, and instead address targeted issues a person might want to focus on.  The list is as follows:




Barley Grass

Alfalfa Grass

Blue-Green Algae

Marine Phytoplankton

Royal Jelly

Bee Pollen

There are many other foods called superfoods that in fact do merit the term, in that the nutrition they provide far exceeds that of other foods.  However, they do not provide the broad, foundational base that the above do, and instead offer benefits that while important, are not necessarily as critically needed on a daily basis.  These “secondary” superfoods, however, should be mentioned, as their incorporation into a daily drink can bring profound benefits.  Some of the more notable ones are the following:



Acai Berry

Goji Berry



Aloe Vera

The core superfoods and secondary superfoods can generally be taken in any quantity, though to truly meet a person’s daily nutritional needs, at least several heaping tablespoons total should be taken, if they’re in powder form, with the exceptions of royal jelly and marine phytoplankton, in which less is needed.  They can bought individually or in green powder mixes.  Just make sure that whichever green powder mix you choose contains some of the above ingredients—often you can tell the quality of the product by the amount of the mentioned superfoods they contain.

Taking one core superfood drink per day can radically change the course of one’s health, from curing and preventing disease to providing sustainable, long-lasting energy, by ensuring all one’s nutritional bases are covered.  From there, a person can branch out to more specialized forms of foods and herbs with the knowledge that on a foundational level at least, his or her body is receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Jonathan Cho