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How to use henna and get rid of aging signs on your skin
Many women do not like to have aging signs on their skin and hair. They are willing to use natural treatments and look young. On the other hand, they get puzzled with ever-increasing suggestions regarding anti-aging treatments. It is the right time to know about different aspects of Henna and make a decision about how to use this Arabic herb for enhancing your skin health.  The following details help you find out and follow the ancient Arabic treatment using henna for aging problems.

What is Henna?
Henna is the flowering plant and known for its health benefits in particular anti-aging solutions.  Residents of many countries make use of henna to dye their fingernails, hair and skin. They also use this Arabic herb for coloring leather, wool and silk.  Henna plays the main role in different traditional medicines in many countries such as Ayurveda Practice.
The overall medicinal properties of henna seeds, bark and oil grasp the attention of everyone who looks at natural treatments for their health problems. The best in class nutrients in henna are very important for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, hypertensive and astringent effects.

Anti-aging benefits
Many people make use of henna oil and juice for reducing their aging signs on the skin. They are happy and confident to use this natural element for enhancing their appearance. They get rid of scars, wrinkles and other things associated with the unsightly appearance. They ensure that antibacterial and antiviral effects of the henna protect their skin as maximum as possible.
In general, henna has the best stuff to cool down the skin and enhances the blood circulation behind the skin.  Sufferers of hot spots on their skin can apply henna paste or oil on the affected area and get the best result.

How to use henna for eliminating aging signs 
Henna plants are usually growing in South Asian and North African countries.  Crushed leaves as well as twigs of these henna plants are used in different skin care treatment these days.  Once you have decided to keep your skin healthy for a long time, you can take note of the following details about how to make and use the henna paste.
• 20g fresh henna leaves or powder
• 60ml freshly squeezed lemon juice without pulp and seeds
• 60ml oil

• The first step to make the henna suitable for skin treatment is to sift it with an ideal sifter.  If you have taken and removed chunks in the henna powder, you can use the henna powder without a doubt about clogging.
• You may have fresh henna leaves at this time. You have to powder these leave by using a mixer or crusher. The next step is to sift this henna by using the nylon cloth.

• Once you have prepared the henna powder without chunks, you have to pour it into the small bowl.
• Mix lemon juice with this henna powder by using a whisk. You can stop mixing when you get the mixture in the form of mashed potatoes.
• Cover the henna and leave it for 24 hours at the room temperature
• The henna dye will be separated into the layer just above the henna mixture you have prepared.
• Use a spoon to scoop out the separated henna dye
• Make sure that the overall consistency of the henna is alike the consistency of yogurt .

Prepare Facial Masks
If you have prepared the henna as per abovementioned instructions, you can keep focusing on how to make facial mask with this henna and other ingredients.  Sufferers of aging signs can use this henna by the following methods.

Banana pulp
Take a tablespoon of the colourless henna and mix it with the beaten egg and the pulp of two bananas. Now, apply this paste on your face and leave this facial mask for at least an hour.  You can rinse it off with lukewarm water and get the best support for improving your skin health as awaited.

Melon, Banana and Persimmon pulp
Take one tablespoon of colourless henna and mix it with two tablespoons of melon, banana and persimmon pulp in a small bowl. Apply this facial mask in a proper way and wash it off after it becomes dried.

Aloe Vera juice
Take a tablespoon of henna and mix it with two tablespoons of fresh juice of Aloe Vera leaves.  Once you have prepared this facial mask, apply it on your face immediately. You will get skin health benefits of both henna and Aloe Vera.

Hot broth chamomile
Take a small bowl and mix a tablespoon of henna with a tablespoon of hot broth chamomile.

The cost of henna
Many people who are aware about medicinal properties of henna these days plant henna in their backyard and engage in gardening happily. If you do not have space or time to grow henna plants, then you can buy henna powder online or fresh henna leaves at local stores.  The overall cost of the henna powder depends on various factors like the nature of henna plant in terms of the quality, colour and medicinal properties.
If you seek henna for your aging problems, then you have to afford for reasonably priced yet premium henna powder or leaves.  You can compare the cost of henna online at different portals and make an informed decision about how to buy high quality henna at the most competitive price.

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