How to Get Rid of Double Chin – Top Pocket-friendly Treatments


A double chin can be simply described as a layer of fat located under your neck skin, which makes your skin sag down and causes wrinkles.

Nobody likes double chin since it makes them look like wearing a scarf, hiding their slim face and attractiveness.

You can notice the common between most of people with double chins that they are either overweight or old. Besides, some of them got this problem due to elasticity-losing skin or genetic factor.

For more natural remedies on weight loss and sagging skin, please take a look at How to Lose Weight Fast and Home Remedies for Sagging Skin.

Besides expensive complicated surgical procedures that not many people can afford, you can also learn how to get rid of double chin by making use of natural simple ingredients in your house.

Don’t forget to adjust your diet with necessary nutrients, combining with exercise while following these handy tips.

Here are top 10 helpful treatments on how to get rid of double chin you can easily apply and take advantages…

1. Sugar Free Gum

This is among the easiest and most effective treatments for how to get rid of double chin, which is preferred by many people. The tip allows people to practice facial muscles, especially the one in jaw line.

Also, by chewing sugar free gum, you can help strengthen your gum and cleanse your teeth. All you need to do is chewing sugar free gum several times a day.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered one of the most essential nutrients for the skin, which can help nourish, moisturize, accelerate healing and tighten the skin effectively. Therefore, do not skip this substance on the list if you want to learn how to get rid of double chin.

  • Consume more foods rich in vitamin E such as leafy greens, nuts, beans and dairy products, etc.
  • You can also use vitamin E supplements instead.

3. Egg Whites

Egg whites have always been on the list of ingredient beneficial for the skin. Thanks to the essential nutrients, egg whites are able to tighten the skin and enhance the elasticity. This is the reason for why eggs should be used for getting rid of double chin.

  • Separate the egg whites from 2 eggs. Beat them well with some milk, honey and lemon juice.
  • You can also add some drops of essential oil into the mixture such as peppermint oil or olive oil.
  • Use this mixture to massage your neck and chin.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes before washing off.

4. Green Tea

Green tea has been well known for its benefits for human health such as reducing blood pressure, preventing cancer and especially burning calories for losing weight. Meanwhile, overweight is one of the main causes of double chin, which explains why we need green tea on the list for getting rid the condition.

  • Consume at least 3-4 cups of green tea on your daily basis, especially in the morning just after a light breakfast.

5. Cocoa Butter

Being placed on the list of natural remedies for how to get rid of double chin, cocoa butter helps increase the elasticity of the skin, which in turn eliminates the double chin.

  • Take some tablespoons of cocoa butter and slightly warm them up.
  • Use the solution to apply on the neck and chin area.
  • Give it a massage for some minutes before rinsing off.
  • Do this at least twice daily in the morning and before bed.

6. Milk

Milk makes your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. This is a fact that many people already know. But not all of them are aware that skin also has ability to tighten your skin.

  • Warm up some milk and directly apply it to your chin and massage. Leave it for 10 minutes before you wash off and apply moisturizer.
  • Alternatively, add some honey to a cup of milk and mix well. Now you get a perfect mask for chin. Apply the mask on the area and leave for 10 minutes. Finally wash off with water.
  • Remember to follow these remedies at least once a day for the best result.

7. Melon

Another treatment for how to get rid of double chin is using melon, a fruit with an ample source of nutrients that good for your skin.

  • Extract the juice from a fresh melon.
  • Apply the juice to your chin and massage.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes before washing off.

8. Chin Exercises

Like other parts of the body, to get rid of fat, your chin needs workout. Spending just a few minutes of your day on practicing chin exercises is a good idea for how to get rid of double chin.

  • You can either sit or stand but make sure your upper body straight. Look up and slowly tilt your head back. As soon as you see the ceiling, stop for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly come back to the starting position and repeat the movements for 10 more times.

9. Weight Loss

As you lose weight in other parts of the body, your chin will also get slimmer with the loss of fat in the area. By training your body, not only the chin area, you are burning calories, strengthening muscles and boosting your metabolism. This is the way your body quickly gets rid of excessive fat in all body parts.

10. Improve Your Posture

It is important to improve your posture immediately if you want to get rid of double chin. Most of people get the same mistake when they are standing, sitting and even walking, as they do not keep the spine erect. When your back is not straight, your chin looks bigger than usual. Overtime, the fat accumulates and stays still.

The right position you should train yourself is your spine erect and your head up.


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