Get Into the Healing Groove with Black Cumin Seed Oil and Raw Honey


I’m about to introduce you to one of the most healing combinations that we have; black cumin and raw honey. And, yes indeed, I have some research papers to back up what healers have known for millennia; these 2 compounds are a superior team to anything Man-made.

What is Raw Honey?
Temperature and texture are the two definers of what separates honey from raw honey. If the honey is not heated beyond he point of pasteurization then it’s defined as raw.

The Research
Inside the hive, the bees take care of the temperate of the honey by using the collective body temperature heat which consequently warms their honey while they work. The inside temperature of an active beehive, is about 95ºF (35ºC) At that temperature the honey is stable and still alive’ or ‘raw’ Meaning that the enzymes in honey that give it the nutritional and beneficial qualities are alive and intact. As long as the temperature of the honey never significantly rises past 95ºF/35ºC it’s raw honey.

The healthy benefits from raw honey come from the synergistic effect of:
– 22 amino acids
– 27 minerals and
– 5,000 enzymes

There is evidence that the raw honey and black cumin combination is killing cancer cells in rat studies. REF – ‘Inhibition of methylnitrosourea (MNU) induced oxidative stress and carcinogenesis by orally administered bee honey and Nigella grains in Sprague Dawely rats.’

Minerals In Raw Honey
Iron, potassium, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium.

Vitamins In Raw Honey
Vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin

Black Cumin Oil With Raw Honey
This combination is one of the most healing super-foods known to Man! The list of ailments that does NOT get positively affected by the addition of black seed oil and honey, is surely shorter than the list that it does assist?!
The benefits of mixing of these two superfoods compounds is synergistic (greater than the sum of the two)

When reading research papers for hours on end the expression “100%” jumps out at you and this is the number that slapped me when looking at black seed and raw honey combo research. The 100% refers to, “Nigella sativa given orally protected against MNU-induced oxidative stress and carcinogenesis by 80% whereas honey and N. sativa seed together protected 100%”

For an even healthier health-punch-in-the-guts, try adding some raw garlic to the black seed and honey concoction!

Honey contains floral flavonoids which, when entering the body, immediately increase the antioxidant levels within cells. The honey goes on a scavenger hunt for oxidants and also stops the destruction of collagen in the body.

What’s The Difference Between Raw Honey And Honey?
The difference here is HUGE. If it’s called just ‘honey’ then it’s usually been processed, removing most, to ALL particles. Most of the goodness is filtered out of raw honey to make it into that clear stuff you see at the supermarket.

Most of the goodness that is removed is comprised of the enzymes!

Find a local supplier of your raw honey, and ignore the clear stuff because the health benefits just aren’t the same as the opaque types of honey.

Black cumin seed oil is a maximum dosage of 1 teaspoon x 3 daily. Raw honey can be pretty much consumed at will, just don’t go all honey bear on it, ahem! And if you want to add a clove of fresh, raw garlic to each teaspoon of black cumin and honey that’s an extra dose of immune booster.

‘Inhibition of methylnitrosourea (MNU) induced oxidative stress and carcinogenesis by orally administered bee honey and Nigella grains in Sprague Dawely rats.’ Mabrouk et al., 2004. (as accessed 26 Jan 2018).


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