Gesundheit: The Perfect Breakfast


Gesundheit; the Perfect Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Maybe you have heard the saying, “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner.” Well, I have the answer for breakfast. I have been perfecting this delicious and nutritious treat for about 2 weeks now, and I can promise that after one of these you will be ready to take on any challenges a long day of work could throw at you. This is a combination of a holistic, nutritive, and herbal medicine, and it has enough actual food in it for one meal, so it’s very filling and satisfying. Try one today!


1) Pour 16 ounces of distilled water into your favorite alkalizing filter (if you own one)
2) Pour the newly distilled, alkalized water (or your favorite kind of water) into a blender
3) Add one serving of your favorite oxygen supplement
4) Add one serving of Nascent Iodine
5) Add one serving of Colloidal Silver
6) Add one serving of liquid Vitamin B-12
7) Add one serving of your favorite brain supplement (open the capsules if necessary)
8) Add two ounces of fresh squeezed or Organic, Non-Gmo, not from concentrate and no sugar added Pineapple and Papaya juice (just enough for fresh Bromelain and Papain)
9) Add one serving of Organic, Non-Gmo Spirulina
10) Add one serving of your favorite green superfoods
11) Add one serving of your favorite earth superfoods
12) Add one serving of a vitamin and mineral powder
13) Add one serving of your favorite Calcium-Magnesium supplement
14) Add one serving of Vitamin C, preferably Acerola Berry Extract
15) Add one serving of Non-Gmo Soy Lecithin powder or Organic, Non-Gmo Sunflower Lecithin powder (open the capsules if necessary)
16) Add some Milk Thistle or your favorite liver supplement (open the capsules if necessary)
17) Add one serving of Raw, Organic, Non-Gmo 100% Cacao Powder
18) Add one serving of Organic, Non-Gmo Chia and Flax seeds or your favorite fiber source
19) Open the capsules for one serving of your favorite Probiotic and dump in
20) Open the capsules for one serving of your favorite Enzymes and dump in

21) Blend on low for 30 seconds and enjoy!

If possible:
22) Slice open and scoop in one fresh, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf pulp before blending.

Feel free to experiment if you are short some of the ingredients.


Michael Brandon Goff
"Disabled" American, suffered for 10 years from the health care and pharmaceutical industries because of a simple substance abuse problem stemming from my teenage life. Misgdiagnosed bipolar, schizoaffective, etc, to justify 32 psychotropic medications and 40 psychiatric ward hospitalizations. Psychotropics led to statins and beta-blockers and thyroid medications, all because of side effects. As it turned out, all I needed was some therapy, and 90% of my issues subsided. However, it would be years later until I finally met a doctor who told me the truth. 20 doctors and 10 psychiatrists later, I am drug free and loving life. I believe in nutritive, Spiritual, meditative, musical, and physical therapy, and I have had many successes improving almost all my health conditions in a short period of time. Ex-drug addict, now turned health enthusiast, I am concerned about the battle between the tragedies caused by allopathic medicine and the minimal coverage and credibility given to healing-based medicine and therapy. I intend to wage the information war against the establishment health care system in America with all my heart.