Garlic and Echinacea: Kill Infections,targeting viral, fungi and bacterial invaders


Garlic and Echinacea are two herbs that are commonly used in formulas targeted at infections. Flu season is officially over but annoying summer cold and flu viruses can still take hold if your immune system is under-par. Find out different ways you can use Garlic and Echinacea to boost your immune system and make sure you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather!

Using Garlic for Serious Infections:

garlic contains several helpful compounds, including allicin, one of the plant kingdom’s most potent antibiotics. Garlic combines well with echinacea and together make a strong fighting force against infections.

The best garlic to use when trying to prevent or knock out virus, bacteria and fungal invaders is organic, fresh and raw. Commercially grown garlic will work as a second choice, if organic is unavailable. Elephant garlic is far too weak. Garlic oil is great in ears and can be used in place of raw garlic cloves and bulbs but it will not be as strongly effective taken internally.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get a lot of fresh garlic into your system is to finely chop the cloves and drink them down. Start with 12 whole cloves a day and work up from there. Take all of the paper off of each clove, cut them all up into small pieces and put a teaspoon at a time into your mouth. Immediately drink enough tea, juice or water so as to wash all the pieces down without chewing. In this fashion you can get down all twelve cloves in a minute or two. Make sure you drink at least 16 ounces of liquid beverage or eat a meal just prior to consuming large amounts of fresh raw garlic.

Another convenient option for taking lots of fresh garlic is with a preparation made from fresh organic garlic cloves, horseradish root, ginger root and white onions along with one or two habanero or scotch bonnet cayenne peppers, all in a base of raw, organic apple cider vinegar. We call this formula our Tonic Supreme Concentrate. The anti-infection properties of garlic are complemented by the improved circulation and antibacterial affect of the other ingredients to activate your immune system quickly.

Echinacea-The Classic Immune Booster!

Echinacea treats tonsillitis by stimulating phagocytosis, the devouring of bacteria and viruses by certain types of white blood cells. Take along with Goldenseal, another potent antiseptic, antibiotic and immune stimulant.

There are several popular species of Echinacea – E. augustifolia, E. purpurea and E. pallida. We have extensive experience with the first two and find them to be great at increasing all immune system functions and activities. Echinacea is great for preventing or handling colds, flus, fevers, insect bite reactions, allergic reactions and hives.

Echinacea in tincture form is taken internally for benefit – such as our Echinacea Extra Concentrate. A minor dose for maintenance is 2 to 4 dropperfuls 3 times daily for 1 – 3 weeks. Echinacea is not meant to be taken as an ongoing supplement. Its power is in super charging the immune system for a few weeks then lying off of it for a week. After a break you can resume dosing for several weeks.

A therapeutic dosage using Echinacea tincture is 2 to 4 dropperfuls per hour to address acute and chronic diseases. In severe cases which prove stubborn, Echinacea tincture should be used along with Echinacea root teas. At least 1 1/2 quarts a day should be made and consumed of a very strong brew for full benefit.


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