Fukushima gives me a reason not to eat any fish!!


I thought the Japs are clever. I also thought that only SA has a population where 80% of the populace’s IQ is less than 50. This is very funny indeed. Pull your fish and chips teeth out my friends, I don’t even want to consume the salmon I just bought, because I only got the news about the leak at Fukushima after I bought the salmon. Nou is ek baie naar. PS. If it will make you feel better and you just cannot do without your Friday London Fish & Chippy; then drink loads of beer and keep on smiling while you consume your F&C; do not stress about the consequences of eating lekker radiated fish because it might kill you faster if you do. However; if you consume fish for the sole reason to be healthy; as Omega 3 is detrimental for health; Joyce just gave me the wonderful news that Chia seeds are even better and more powerful than Omega 3 harvested from the cold Atlantic Ocean. I never liked the taste of Salmon anyway. The only fish I love is the old fried fish and chips that you buy in a cafe around the corner and that is more poisonous than anything that walks the earth being fried in sunflower oil which is deadly for me and anyone else who loves the taste of bad old sunflower oil. Love.m

Marietjie Morgan