Fresh Whole Food, The Most Powerful Medicine Out There


Food is the most powerful drug on our planet and I’m happy to see that conventional and alternative medicine are finally combining their knowledge and truly looking for a solution instead of masking the underlying issues with medication.

Although we aren’t there yet, these days many doctors are treating and prescribing their patients with wholesome foods and healthy diets instead of drugs. And that is something I couldn’t encourage more.

Most of our modern diseases can be traced back to poor nutrition and lifestyle issues. Whole fresh foods and regular exercise are the key to optimal health. They can help you prevent, cure, reverse, or improve most of our chronic diseases.

‘Let medicine be the food and food be the medicine”


You Are What You Eat

Our body needs healthy fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals from whole fresh foods to function properly. These nutrients are the building blocks of every cell, tissue, and organ.

When we build a house we also use sustainable, high-quality, and strong materials to avoid it from collapsing. Same thing can be said for your body. When you provide your body with the best nutrients (or bricks) you will build a strong structure that is less prone to disease and injuries.

Processed Foods Are The Culprit Of Many Of Our Modern Diseases

With a society that tries to live at 90 mph, fast or processed foods rapidly became very popular and part of the standard Western diet. But these foods aren’t providing us with the strong and healthy building blocks we are looking for.  They lack healthy nutrients and are loaded with artificial colorings, additives, flavorings, chemically altered fats, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and refined grains.

Learn From Our Ancestor

Back in the old days our ancestors lived from the land and ate whole fresh foods. They were hunters and gatherers. Their diet consisted mainly out of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and occasionally some meat or fish and most importantly, there were no processed foods and added sugars.

Note that our ancestors also didn’t eat that much grains or dairy. So ideally this means that we should eat a whole food plant-based diet with little or no grains and dairy to main a healthy body.

Use Food To Treat Chronic Illness Instead Of Supplements

Why would you opt for processed powders and other supplements, even if they come from an organic source, if you can have the real thing? Whole foods contain a wide range of health promoting substances that work synergistically and are far more effective than supplements that only deliver one of these nutrients.

Healthy Diet Is Key To Stress And Disease Management

Although conventional medicine can help you to reduce symptoms, they are no long-term solution and often don’t go down to the root that is causing stress or disease. A healthy lifestyle forms the base of a healthy body and diseases, physical and mental, are often caused by malnutrition and lifestyle issues.

Disease is actually our body who is speaking to you and letting you know that there are a few things missing or that you are poisoning your body with toxins and waste materials. Listen to these signals.

How Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle Changed My Family’s Life

If you are anything like us than you know how easy it is to fall into the pattern of eating fast, convenient, processed food. The standard Western or American diet lacks all the nutrients needed to provide your body with essential building blocks to maintain health. Instead these foods are high in harmful chemicals like artificial colorings, additives, flavorings, refined grains, sugar, and chemically-altered vegetable oils that push you further down sickness lane.

A few years back my hubby and I were struggling with our health and we decided that taking medication for the rest of our lives was not the answer. Step by step we changed our eating patterns towards a healthy, whole food diet.

Together we healed our body from the inside out. I reduced my cholesterol levels and improved my heart rhythm disorder through the power of whole fresh foods. And my hubby hasn’t had an MS flare-up for over 3 years.

And believe me we are not the only success story out there. Thousands of people change their diet and improve their health with food as their main medicine.

Have any of you (or someone you know) been able to stop taking medication or healed your body after making a change to your diet? If so, I’d love to hear about your success stories in the comment box below.


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Amy Goodrich
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