Frankincense Oil: A Powerful Natural Treatment for Cancer


For most people in the West, frankincense is inevitably associated with Christmas time. This is because of the story of the three wise men who were purported to have visited the baby Jesus and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense, indeed, has been valued since ancient times for its scent, but also for its medicinal properties – properties which modern medicine is only just beginning to discover. Read on to find out more about frankincense oil and its use for natural cancer treatment.

Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

The use of frankincense oil for its medicinal properties is a long tradition, stretching back at least 5,000 years and used throughout the Middle East and parts beyond. It has long been valued for its array of healing properties, including its ability to fight cancer, reduce inflammation throughout the body, support the immune system and fight infections. Modern science has only just now started to back up these traditional uses with hard science.

Frankincense Oil and Cancer

One exciting way that medical research is backing up what traditional practitioners long have known is a study coming out of the University of Leicester in the U.K. This study has uncovered the fact that the use of frankincense oil is a very effective treatment for ovarian cancer. Scientists involved in this study were doing research into a specific compound in frankincense oil known as AKBA. This study was actually funded by the Omani government to test its efficacy in treating late-stage ovarian cancer through the targeting of cancer cells. What they found, after a year’s study, was that this compound was indeed effective at eliminating ovarian cancer cells. More research is planned in the future with a view to developing a clinical treatment option for women with ovarian cancer. (1)

Why it Works

Many researcher believe that the cancer-fighting power of frankincense oil might stem from the fact that it is such a powerful anti-inflammatory (chronic inflammation throughout the body is now thought by many to be one of the underlying causes of cancer). It also helps to strengthen the immune system, helping the body to naturally fight off cancer cells and other disease-causing pathogens.

What is really exciting is that other studies have tested the usefulness of AKBA on other forms of cancer and found preliminary evidence to suggest that it may also be effective for treating cancers of the stomach, brain, breast, colon, pancreas and prostate.
Consult with your natural medical practitioner to find out if the use of frankincense oil might help you, especially if you have a medical history of cancer.

The anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of this oil seem to have the power to help the body heal itself even from serious conditions like late-stage ovarian cancer and may be beneficial for you in your own journey to wellness.

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