Francis & Laudato Si’


We have been hearing that His Holiness Pope Francis within his Encyclical Laudato Si’ (2015) has joined the ‘Climate Change Believers’ by chastising the skeptics/deniers. This is far from the truth! Perception and misguidedness have struck once again!

The supposed ‘intellectuals’ or those in the know try to misguide you with the Pope’s use of the word “environment”. They want you to believe that His Holiness is strictly speaking about the Earth alone; however, this is far from true as the term is used to encompass the whole of nature, i.e. earth, plants, water, animals, which include human beings and the relationship with all and self, etcetera.

If one has ever studied Psychology, specifically Lifespan and/or Human Development; you will understanding the use of ‘environment’ within Laudato Si’ (Franciscus, 2015). His Holiness speaks of the “bioecological systems theory” (Paquette & Ryan, 2001) that involves our development within five systems or known as “Bronfenbrenner’s structure of environment.” (Paquette & Ryan, 2001).


The systems are “Microsystem”, “Mesosystem”, “Exosystem”, Macrosystem”, and “Chronosystem” (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). These try to explain Nature versus Nurture, which has been debated for millennia. While we will not engage in debate here, we will give brief descripts of each system.

1. Microsystem

Microsystem is looked upon as the “bi-directional influences” as it involves direct contact within one’s immediate surroundings (Paquette & Ryan, 2001).

2. Mesosystem

The mesosystem expands into one’s social interactions, i.e. parent/teacher connection, church, neighborhood, etc. (Paquette & Ryan, 2001).

3. Exosystem

The exosystem is interaction within community and/or workplace resources (Paquette & Ryan, 2001),

4. Macrosystem

Macrosystem involves “cultural values, customs, and laws” (Paquette & Ryan, 2001).

5. Chronosystem

Within the chronosystem external and internal forces react differently on one’s development. External could be the timing of a caregivers/guardians death. As for internal, that implies more of a physiological change and its influence (Paquette & Ryan, 2001).

In addition, Pope Francis discusses Social Psychology and the perceptions or deceptions that develop from ourselves. He addresses the relationship of Our Creator, Self, and the World. His Holiness primarily distinguishes our self-importance as a ‘god’ and the decisions we make relative to self and/or all others.


While only developmental and social psychology issues have been recognized, one does not wish to simplify or exempt Pope Francis’s thoughts relative to culture and diversity along with sociobiology. He discusses all within the scope of ‘modeling or conditioning’ to present equality through inequality. Therefore, it is remiss to make commentary by the masses before reading the entire Encyclical as false perceptions are projected prior to true comprehension. This has been taking place this week and will most likely continue as a small group or more so small-minded individual’s wish for false perceptions to prevail so misleading agendas can proceed. If you wish not to fall prey to these misguided perceptions, do yourself a favor and read the Encyclical. It is only eighty-two pages and well worth the read if you believe in truth.


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