Fluoroquinolone Recovery Brought to You by Nature


Levaquin was my Kryptonite. For others it’s Cipro, Avelox, Moxyfloxacin or even the myriad of flowery named eye drops and ear drops cleverly disguised to remove the “floxacin” from it’s name. Call it what you will, but the result is always the same, complete devastation for your gut function, neurological system, musculoskeletal system and organs. Synthetic drugs can be tolerated by the human body but as comedian Chris Rock very cleverly once said “Just because you can do it…doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done”. That’s how I feel about synthetic drugs. This brings me to my next topic. Levaquin/Cipro/Avelox recovery. YES. I did say recovery. After eight and a half years of suffering and enough studying to obtain multiple medical doctorates in the regular world, I have managed to find the answer to my medical mystery that the medical world insisted required pain pills and antidepressants. If you are a victim of fluoroquinolone drugs, you probably have also experienced the physician who is no better than a common street drug pusher.  My gut always told me to take a pass on this approach because pills are how I became so injured, so how could more pills help?

Hundreds and hundreds of hours of reading scientific studies and listening to thousands of victims and their grocery list of symptoms has had it’s final payoff.  It’s the gut. The “second brain” as those in the know are now calling it. Poor gut health equals poor physical health, poor neurological health and poor brain function.  Studies show that 50% of users studied post Levaquin and Moxifloxacin experience irreversible damage to gut flora colonization. Read the sciency stuff HERE . This is with just one dose.  I don’t have to tell you just how bad this is going to get after multiple doses….it’s really the end of your gut function and BOOM, you are FLOXED (ENJOY A PIECE OF MY HORRIFYING STORY HERE  “Erin’s Story”)

Back to the premise of the blog…..RECOVERY. This is a relatively unknown term in “Flox World”. Many do not recover. It is a mysterious cocktail of many factors including genetics, diet, determination and a little bit of good luck and fairy dust thrown in. I did EVERYTHING right, gluten free, dairy, free soy free, commerical food free, antibiotic free, organic, grassfed meat,and was still unable to fully recover.  I was the MODEL Specific Carbohydrate Diet student. I had the most pristine diet, led a chemical free life, tried all the healthy supplements that drastically made me sicker and then, finally after 3 years of devotion to this every single day, I found my resolution. The SILVER BULLET for my floxing. It all led back to severely disabled gut function. The kind that eventually leads to severe nutritional deficiency, autoimmune disease and early death. My severe gut function issues caused me to have autoimmune reactions to every food I consumed except 5 foods. I was left with a hand full of foods that I was able to consume with out becoming disabled and loosing the use of my arms. I am not alone in this, many victims are in wheel chairs, braces and must use devices of all kinds due to severe muscle function issues. Enter RECOVERY. I hit the books (computer now, God Bless the internet) and desperately searched for a way to reverse severe gut devastation transdermally since any supplement I took made me dramatically sicker due to my severe “leaky gut”.  I was introduced to a specific brand of essential oils that reversed the severe leaky gut that I had suffered from since my first Levaquin RX eight and a half years ago.  I was skeptical at first believe me. VERY SKEPTICAL. I am pretty jaded after everything I have been through and all the suffering I have witnessed as a peer counselor for victims over the past three and a half years. The conclusion was flox victims are filled with systemic candida and not just the regular kind that keeps us healthy and balanced, candida albicans. It is referred to as Candida Related Complex, a complex list of symptoms that range from  parasite infestation, depression of thyroid function, low hydrochloric acid in the stomach, mitral-valve prolapse, and chronic viral infections such as Epstein-Barr. Common symptoms are fatigue, food intolerance, digestive disturbances, alcohol intolerance, chronic vaginal discharge, poor memory, depression, chemical sensitivities, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, emotional disturbance, headache, abnormal weight gain or loss.  READ MORE HERE   For severley damaged victims, the above list is like a “wish list” or “if only”. Severely floxed victims are cut down, devastated, no longer able to function due to the severe gut devastation and the damage to mitochondrial DNA by the atomic Bomb of antibiotics.

I have strayed badly so back to the original topic. The fact is, I know too much about these drugs. I knew that if I could heal my gut, I could leave all this behind. Enter essential oils.  Medicinal oils have been used for as long as man has been civilized, they are the first known medicine.  Given the fact that Pharmaceuticals have always poisoned me, I decided to give it a shot. I needed two things. 1.) Kill the parasites, candida, fungus and bad gut flora that had set up housekeeping in my gut and was poisoning me on a daily basis, and 2.) Cellular repair to assist my cells to recover from the mitochondrial damage done to my DNA by the Levaquin. READ MORE SCIENCY STUFF ON DNA DAMAGE HERE   I found both of these things much to my surprise. First the gut issue because I was slowly starving to death.  A natural oil blend that contains Anise,Caraway,Coriander, Fennel, Ginger, Peppermint and Tarragon.  The ingredients in this oil blend kill parasites, candida yeast and fungus and bad gut flora. It does it and does it FAST. I saw results in 48 hours. Big changes in excrement including volume went down, normal feces for the first in almost a decade. I immediately began to digest food better, I becan to gain weight, I had the dark circle under my eyes disappear, I was becoming whole again. I was eating food and not just passing it out as undigested waste for the first time in almost a decade. This is where it gets better. MY PAIN STOPPED. Years of joint pain, muscle pain, peripheral neuropathy, my eye sight improved, HUGE reduction in body wide inflammation, my skin firmed up, my feet and back no longer hurt, my brain became highly functional again, I began to live again. Since I needed to repair the mitochondrial damage as well as gut damage, I treated with an oil blend that does just that, assist in repair, renewal and encourage healthy apoptosis in cells. The result is ENERGY, lot and lots of energy. I no longer have a continual feeling of chronic fatigue. A blend of Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove and Niaouli assist our cells in repairing and recovering from the chemotherapeutic effects of fluoroquinolones.  Fluoroquinolones are chemotherapy and destroy bacterial cells by breaking the strand of the bacterial DNA, unfortunately, the drugs do not discriminate healthy cells from bacterial cells.  Frankinscence was prized and cherished more than gold in ancient times and is best known as one of the gifts brought to Jesus at his birth and with good reason. Frankinscence is currently being used as a cancer treatment as it exerts powerful anticancer properties as well as anti-inflamatory properties.

As the reader, the one thing you should know is that medicinal oils are very powerful and users must become very knowledgeable about proper use and oil safety. Improper use can be dangerous. It is very important to have proper guidance and training when using oils in order to achieve optimal results and do no harm. You can read all about my journey  HERE and my recovery with oils HERE  Proper use insures a positive outcome and I am happy to assist with your oil healing journey.

I also have a FACE BOOK page that teaches about oils and recovery. Join us HERE.   If you are interested in pursuing recovery from fluoroquinolone toxicity, healing leaky gut and repairing and assisting your DNA function, oils may help you as it helped me. If you are a victim, I wish you health. If you have questions, please contact me on my website HERE.
Please,  if you do contact me, lets find a way to recover. A grocery list of your symptoms or your anger at Pharmaceutical companies is not really benefiting anyone. If you want assistance with healing, I am here.





Erin Wilson