Five Ways Your Online Shopping is Getting More Personal


Rather than heading to stores to shop, many people today prefer order new clothes and accessories right from a laptop or mobile device. It not only makes the shopping experience easier, but also more personalized. Shops like Styloko allow users to have a personal experience while on their site. Instead of searching through countless options, they use innovative methods to show you only the items you most desire. Ecommerce websites utilize five common methods for making online shopping a customized experience.

Track Browsing Behavior

A website can tailor their offerings by tracking the browsing behavior of their customers. When clothing items are clicked on, those movements are recorded. It allows the system to analyze behavior and determine the type of items most often looked at. Once there is enough data collected, the system will put forth only those options that are similar, and therefore most likely to be looked at and liked by you, the shopper.

Favorites and Wish Lists

The easiest way for you to keep track of items you like is to place them into a favorites or wish list. Many sites, including Amazon, have an option to either place the item in the cart for purchase, or add it to a list to look at later. You can find something you like now, and go back to it another time when you have the money to afford it.

View Similar Section

Some sites offer a section where similar items can be found. By clicking the “View Similar” option, you’ll be taken to a collection of clothing items that most closely resemble the article of clothing that was originally looked at. Since red is a popular trend of the moment, more people are likely to be searching for outfits in this color. All you have to do is choose one red item, click the “View Similar” button, and you will be shown an entire collection of red pieces that are available. This is true of colors, patterns, and even clothing types, such as dresses.

Some go even further, allowing you to view similar items because they are made by the same fashion designer or by another attribute. You can also choose items because they have a similar shape, such a lengthy dress rather than a short one. This allows you to see a selection of clothes that are similar in appearance or style, so you are sure to find many new favorites.

Sale Alerts

Another method for making the experience personalized is by choosing to be notified when sales are happening. If there is a specific outfit you want, and it comes on sale later down the road, you can be notified via telephone, text message, or email. Pinterest integrated this very well back in 2013 and it’s a popular feature. With this method, you will be able to buy items for rates you can afford, and not as soon as you see them available.

Inspiration Boards

If you want to try out a new style, or simply see what the latest fashion trends may be, there are inspiration boards now available. These boards depict various categories, and show only those items that match with the theme. Say you want to see the most popular outfits for summer, a summer style inspiration board will show you all available clothing items that match your request. You can then shop right from that selection.

Countless ecommerce websites are adding tools that allow users to have a personalized experience. With the use of inspiration boards and a “View Similar” section, you can find the perfect fashion statement or styles for the season. Sale alerts tell you when your favorites are available for a discount, and the favorites list will allow you to keep all items in one place for easy viewing. With the help of browser tracking, your shopping experience will continue to become tailored to your wants and needs. Personalized shopping… is there any other way?

Veronica Davis