Five Ways to Detoxify The Body


The body is subjected daily to toxins from food, the air we breathe, toiletries, skincare, and even water. Some experts say that the body does a good job of detoxifying without our need to take supplements or do much else, but other health experts recommend that we carry out activities, and take supplements, to detoxify the body from heavy metal overload.

In 2013, I read an interesting book called Brain Wash by Dr Michelle Cook. It discussed how the body could react from heavy metals overload in the body. Disorders included brain fog, Alzheimer’s disease, and even depression. Mike Adams, CEO of Natural News, discovered that dangerous levels of toxic metals were found in many popular organic foods.

With this in mind, how can we detoxify the body the body of heavy metals and other inorganic substances?

Five Ways to Detoxify The Body

  1. Exercise: The body has a very effective way of cooling down the body and releasing toxins, and it does this through perspiration. Exercise gives the skin a healthy glow, removes toxins, and stimulates blood flow. Regular exercise can even take up to ten years off our appearance.
  1. Dry Body Brushing: Regular dry skin body brushing is excellent for the body and stimulates blood flow. The idea is to brush toward the heart, so brush up the legs and buttocks, upward and over the abdomen and chest, then down the arms and back. Continue dry body brushing for several minutes. The skin should look slightly pink after you’ve brushed the whole body. Why is body brushing so effective? The skin is the largest detoxification tool in the human body. If you care for it and body brush daily you may notice a reduction in cellulite and a slight increase in body tone? I know it might sound like a chore, but I’ve been body brushing for several months now and I’ve noticed that my bottom feels more toned. Dry body brushes also exfoliates the skin and encourages cell renewal.
  1. Sauna Therapy: If you like to use the most of your monthly gym pass you will no doubt have tried the sauna or steam room. Sauna therapy is an effective way to detoxify the body and it can go a long way toward treating ailments like high blood pressure. It can even reduce the symptoms of the common cold, as published by the University of Vienna in Austria. Fifty subjects participated in the study. Twenty-five of the subjects had regular sauna therapy sessions, while the remainder of the group did not. The study findings were that the group who had the regular sauna therapy sessions experienced fewer instances of the common cold. Sauna therapy is especially effective at detoxifying the body, as it rids the body of toxins that have settled in the deepest layers of the skin.
  1. Fasting: There are many ways to detoxify the body through fasting. Juice fasting is popular, although water fasting requires significant mental strength, but is attainable. Dry fasting is abstaining from water (even showers if you choose to), which can detoxify the body quickly. I’ve tried several fasts but I prefer a juice fast, as the body still gets a small amount of calories from the fruit and vegetable juices. The idea of abstaining from food and drinking only fruit and vegetable juices is to give the digestive system time to rest. The fasting period supports the body as it changes its fuel supply to ketones (fat burning). Detoxification symptoms include headaches, fatigue, mood swings, foul breath, body odour, and sluggishness. However, the benefits of a fast are vast and include increased energy, clarity of mind, a connection to God, the willpower to kick food addictions, and rapid weight loss.
  1. Spirulina/Chlorella Supplements: I started taking spirulina/chlorella tablets over twelve months ago in an effort to rid my body of fungus, as I’ve had athlete’s foot for over ten years. I also oil pull daily with coconut oil. Although my feet are dry and flaky (which I experience with daily walking), the athlete’s foot had disappeared from between my toes. I used to hate how the itching kept me awake at night. I also tried soaking my feet in garlic every day a week, which helped significantly. I’ve not stopped eating starches either. Spirulina and chlorella are algae, which are rich in chlorophyll. They are classified as super foods, as they are nutritionally dense. These super foods act as chelators and remove heavy metals, including lead and mercury, from the body. They are available to buy as a powder or tablet separately, while other supplements include an equal amount of each super food.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to detoxify the body, but fasting, dry body brushing, exercise, and sauna therapy are four effective ways to improve blood flow and aid the body in removing heavy metals and encouraging a healthier immune system to fight illness and disease. Effective supplements include chlorella and spirulina, which chelate to heavy metals and carry them out of the body.


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