Five Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver – and silver in general – has a long history of medicinal use. Even today, many wound care patients have their wounds dressed with bandages, meshes or gels impregnated with silver, while some silver-containing catheters are used on patients who have a tendency towards urinary infections. Colloidal silver, available without a prescription in health food stores, continues to prove more effective against harmful organisms than many commercial drugs. However, there are some things that consumers should be aware of when they are purchasing colloidal silver to make sure they get an effective product.

Particle Size

Read the label carefully to find out what particle size is in the colloidal mixture you are going to purchase. Smaller particle size is better, since these particles are more bioavailable – that is, they can be more easily absorbed and utilized throughout the body in order to have maximum effect. Particle sizes of 0.005 microns or less seems to be the most effective.


The best-quality colloidal silver solutions are clear. Solutions with a darker color could indicate that stabilizers, additives, salts or other fillers have been added or that the silver particles are larger than the 0.005 micron ideal. Also, if a product requires shaking or if it develops a foam, it is likely to contain impurities. These silver products should be avoided.

No GI Distress

Colloidal silver is used against a variety of disease-causing pathogens like bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, however, which kill off both harmful and helpful flora indiscriminately, colloidal silver has no impact on good bacteria. Therefore, if the product you are using is a high-quality one, there should be no problems with abdominal cramping, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal distress.

No Argyria

Argyria, or the condition marked by the skin turning a blue color as a result of taking silver proteins into the body, is a sign of a low-quality silver product. Pure colloidal silver, which does not contains salts, proteins or other additives or fillers, does not cause this condition, however. That is why buying the purest available product is important.

Be Aware of Production Techniques

Not all colloidal silver products are produced in the same way, either. The best products are produced using technology with high-voltage alternating currents. This is a specialized production method, but it produces the best-quality silver solutions, much better than those produced with low-voltage methods. Also, don’t be fooled by high concentrations, as a concentration of higher than 20 usually means that there are salts and other fillers present.

The best advice to give someone if they are considering buying colloidal silver product is: do your homework ahead of time. Find out what brands your local health food store carries then do a little research on your own to find out which companies or brands have the best reputation of the quality of their merchandise. That, and the guidelines given above, should help insure that you buy a high-quality silver product.

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