Five Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones


Anyone who has ever had to pass a kidney stone knows what a long and excruciating process it can be. There is definitely a reason why it has been called the male equivalent of childbirth! For many people, it is in fact the most painful experience they will ever have to go through. And many unfortunately patients have this problem not once but multiple times in their lives.

The good news is, however, that not only can kidney stones be treated naturally, people can also prevent them from happening in the first place. Below are suggestions for simple lifestyle and nutritional changes people can make to help ensure that kidney stones will not be a problem again!


Keeping hydrated in probably the single most important thing to do to prevent kidney stones. This is because adequate water will increase urination and keep the kidneys flushed out and free of the mineral deposits which can eventually form stones. Try to get at least 8 8ounce glasses of water a day – but up this amount if participating in heavy exercise or when getting out of a sauna or hot tub.

Plan Meals Carefully

Many people have been told that cutting back on oxalate-rich foods (which includes a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, tea and chocolate) or decreasing calcium-rich foods (like dairy) is the way to prevent kidney stones. However, because this is such a highly restrictive diet, it is possible to suffer from other problems like malnutrition from following such a plan. Instead, eat oxalate-rich and calcium-rich foods together so that the oxalate and calcium will bind together in the stomach or intestines instead of in the kidneys, where the problems can begin.

Make the Lifestyle Changes

Even though the pain of passing a kidney stone is excruciating, most people who form a kidney stone once are at a much greater risk of having another in the future. This is because they often do not make the changes they need to in order to prevent a second attack from happening. Don’t make that mistake – make the changes the doctor or urologist has suggested so the experience of passing a stone will not have to repeat itself.

Drink Lemon Water

There are tons of reasons to include lemon water in the diet, from detoxing to weight loss. However, for this particular issue, the best reason to drink lemon water is that the citric acid in the lemon juice helps prevent the calcium from binding with other elements in the kidneys and forming stones in the first place.

Cut Down on Meat Consumption

The kidney stones that most people develop are formed from calcium oxalate and the dietary issues for that are discussed above. However, for some people, the kidney stones are formed of uric acid instead. In this case, it is best to cut down on foods that are high in proteins and/or purines. These foods include shellfish and seafood, organ meats like liver, bacon, beef, veal, ham and venison.

Following these steps is not difficult and it can help to prevent further bouts of kidney stone formation in the future, thus saving a ton on both medical bills and the painful experience of passing the kidney stone itself.

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