Fitness tips to Build Your Muscles Without Bulk


If you have decided to become stronger, there are some fitness tips that will help you gain the desired results. Results can be maximized by doing certain things at the gym. However, it might be necessary for you to adjust depending on the sort of muscles that you want to build. If you’re looking to gain strength and don’t want to get too bulky then these fitness tips will certainly help you.

Decrease the Repetition Range

If you are only aiming to gain maximum strength, you need to keep your focus on lower repetition range as it enables you to pick heaviest weights. As a result, you can be able to experience greatest of strength gains.

Plus, it is recommended to train in 8-12 reps range for the hypertrophy training that encourages further growth of muscles and you may stray from the goals that you have set.

Set Your Training Schedule

It is often recommendable for you to do at least a couple of resistance training exercises every week on alternate days with the help of free weights, resistance bands, and machines. Fitness tips, as recommended by the experts, suggest that every workout needs to have 8-10 exercises that work every muscle group. Keep 8-12 repetitions range for building muscle.

Stick to Healthy Diet

Your diet is important and you must stick to healthy diet. In order to lose fat you need to consume more calories than what you intake. Do your calculations and make sure that calories that you intake should be 500 fewer compared to what you’re burning each day so that you can build muscle and shed fats.

Recommendable Exercises and Related Fitness Tips

A couple of exercises that are recommendable to achieve your goal are discussed as under:

  • Monkey Push: It strengthens your shoulders, arm, back and abdominals. Experts suggest different fitness tips for this exercise. Consider a push-up and get into “up” part and keep the hands right below your body and shoulders in straight line. Now keep your core tight and start pushing with your toes to hop forward and land gently keeping the feet outside of your hands. Now repeat the same and get back to the position from where you started.
  • Chair Twist: It strengthens your upper and lower abdominals, hips, obliques, butt and thighs. Keep the feet together while standing and bend your knees and reach the hips back (keep knees behind the toes) and lower yourself down until your thighs get parallel with the floor; now raise your arms in forward direction and take them up. Torso should now be rotated to the right, securing your left elbow outside of the right knee. Hold the position for three breaths and then return to your starting position. Repeat the same on the left side to complete 1 repetition. 3 repetitions are recommended.



John Smith