Who am I? I am a Fitness Enthusiast!


Who am I? I am a Fitness Enthusiast!

When the first seed of life came into being, little did it think about its descendants making different aspects of life so complex! Especially, one of them titled Homo sapiens! We human beings have, since the Stone Age, done so many discoveries and inventions that has changed our lives and perceptions a lot.

There was a time when our intellects used to be centered around the hazy recollections of shapes that looked somewhat like the food we hunted – the wooly mammoths and the things that made us their food every now and then – the saber-tooth tigers.

Today, the world in which we live in is one that sees human beings as the dominant species. Although, we have not toppled over the kings from their positions in the food chart, still we, somehow, live as the overall emperor.

Among the many dictums that we preach in our lives is Fitness! We certainly like to live healthy! And I don’t mean healthy as in having only sculpted bodies rivaling the statues of Michelangelo!

Instead, we focus more on striking a resonant note with all the different aspects that affect our health in general – fitness being one of them!

And we even make honest efforts to rope in all the others aspects to our maximum-possible benefit.

So, even if we like to eat, we definitively try to keep a balance between our food and life.


Ask the numerous pundits of healthy eating, who give so many useful and informative tips on how to eat healthy. For instance, they tell us that dark leafy veggies are good for our health.

And all the pundits of fitness tell us that there is more to fitness than just slogging out at the gym. Terms like high-intensity training and functional fitness workouts are becoming the ‘buzzterms’ these days.

We think and research a lot! Therefore, among the many avenues of our research and learning lies ‘fitness’.

Fitness, as we see it, nowadays, reaches far beyond the sweaty rooms of the gym. We tend to do more running, jogging, and swimming – which is a very good thing. We also engage ourselves in doing lots of free-hand exercises!


So, I see lots of people jogging in the park, while a lot more doing pushups on the ground and sit-ups on the benches! I also witness a lot of people doing barrel rows on the monkey bars as well. Some of them, I notice, tend to stand in a certain position without even moving a single muscle – those are called stances.

Gatorade – that’s floats around all of them! They sweat a lot! Especially the ones, who combine running with exercises – I hear that it’s a new form of working out! Judging by the large number of people doing it, I guess its popularity factor is nothing but a good one.

Who am I? I am just another one of those people I mentioned! I have just returned from my morning workout session and after a short breather, I am writing this article.

Tany Clarck