Fermented Wheat Germ For Natural Cancer Treatments


Researchers have noticed that wheat germ fermented with sourdough methods can effectively kill cancer cells and increase the survival of the cancer patients. The fermented wheat germ is now being recognized as a natural cancer treatment option.

What did the research show?

Italy’s University of Bari and Germany’s Martin Luther University conducted a joint research to compare the effects of fermented wheat germ and raw wheat germ on cancer cells. Fermentation was done by 40 different types of fermenting bacteria. Both types of wheat germs were then tested against different types of cancer cells.

Researchers observed no effect of raw wheat germ on cancer cells but a strong anti-cancer activity of fermented wheat germ. Fermented wheat germ was so potent in inhibiting cancer growth that it can be compared to some well-known commercial anti-cancer products.

The anti-cancer effect is not similar towards different types of cancers like intestinal cancer, ovarian cancer, germ cell cancer, etc. Although fermented wheat germs inhibit all three types of cancers to some extent, researchers found that ovarian cancer cells are most sensitive to their inhibitory action.

Two types of bacteria were found to be useful in the fermentation of wheat germ because only they can produce an enzyme known as beta-glycosidase. Rest of the bacterial types can ferment wheat germs but cannot produce this essential enzyme. Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Rossiae are the beta-glucosidase producing bacterial species that are used in different fermentation processes.

How the fermented wheat germ helps in Natural Cancer Treatment

The fermentation process of wheat germ releases several important phytonutrients like methoxy- benzoquinone and di-methoxy benzoquinone. The general term for these phytonutrients is quinine.

During the metabolism of various nutrients in the body, different types of quinine are used. A ubiquinone, also known as Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is the most abundant and important quinine. Due to the presence of benzene ring, this Quinine is also known as benzoquinone.

However, the ring can show toxicity to some types of cells including cancer cells. Researchers proposed that during cancer chemotherapy quinine can play an important role in reducing the toxicity of those drugs.

Apart from the selective toxicity of benzoquinones, wheat germ extract can halt the process of glycolysis within cancer cells which is necessary to yield energy for cell division. Glucose and oxygen react to produce ATP in glycolysis process. ATP is the biological form of energy. Blocking glycolysis means depriving the cancer cells of energy and thus leading to their death.

Some other natural cancer treatments research on fermented wheat germ

Several studies have been conducted to know the details of fermented wheat germ. Florida’s Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute found the extract of fermented wheat germ to be highly effective against ovarian cancer cells. In a comprehensive study conducted by this Institute, the researchers used 12 different ovarian cell lines to see the effect of fermented wheat germ.

Clinical trials are also being arranged for fermented wheat germ. A notable trial was done at the Russia’s N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center with technical support from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

The researchers applied a compound of fermented wheat germ extract to a group of high-risk patients of Malignant Melanoma, who were on standard anti-cancer therapy. Those patients were treated with fermented wheat germ extract for one year and then observed for another seven years.

The median survival of the patients receiving fermented wheat germ extract was about 66 months while most patients who received only standard anti-cancer therapy ended up with death within 45 months. The better survival rate of the former group is believed to be due to a notable slowing of the growth of the cancer cells.

This is just another example of how nature gifts us with the cure of diseases. Probiotics can be combined with the natural foods to serve as a source of nutrients in addition to providing natural cancer treatments.


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