Federal backlash: 100s of medical marijuana entrepreneurs face 10 years in prison


Hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs are willing to spend $30,000 just to compete for a medical marijuana dispensary license in Massachusetts. However, the catch is that only 35 dispensary licenses will be issued under the new medical marijuana law that was approved last November by voters.

Massachusetts is one of the latest states to have legalized medical marijuana. Local communities lucky enough to get one of these dispensaries will end up receiving many benefits, not to mention more local jobs. The cannabis plant stands to help many of their law-abiding citizens who are suffering from a large variety of health issues.

The state of Massachusetts cannot wait to cash in on legalized marijuana since they will be charging each of these pot dispensaries $50,000 a year just for the privilege of doing business in their state.

The Tyranny of the DEA

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Faces 10-Years in Prison



Meanwhile the DEA recently raided more medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington State. The tyranny of the Federal government trying to enforce their archaic drug laws, while more and more states move to legalize marijuana,  should be very alarming to all those who care about the U.S. Constitution and health freedom.

Elsewhere, a raid was conducted at the end of July on the People’s Choice medical marijuana dispensary in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Federal authorities. Property and bags of marijuana were seized during the execution of their search warrant. This dispensary was shut down until further notice. Luckily, no arrests were made. This was the second DEA raid in Washtenaw County in a single month. A Hash Bash celebration is held in Ann Arbor, each year. Perhaps, this is why the Feds are keeping a close watch on Ann Arbor?

Then there was Aaron Sandusky in May 2013 who was sentenced to 10-years in Federal prison for operating a legal medical marijuana dispensary in Southern California. Even though California had approved medical marijuana in 1996, Aaron could have gotten life in prison under the Federal statutes. Sandusky late in 2011 had received letters from the United States Attorney General’s office warning him that he was violating Federal law. Aaron was just one of three other cases where the Feds have file charges against operators of legal marijuana dispensaries.

How is this possible in the land of the free and the brave? We would all be better off if law enforcement simply directed its focus on real crime. While the states are moving to legalize pot, the Federal Government continues to stubbornly enforces their drug laws at the cost of law-abiding citizens. Sick people should have the right to ease their pain and suffering with marijuana. Why is our Federal government suppressing the marijuana cure for cancer?

Obama has been tougher on Medical Marijuana than the Bush administration. Why is our President being so hard on states rights?

Conclusion:  If Aaron Sandusky can be locked up, then every one of these marijuana entrepreneurs in Massachusetts is facing a potential prison sentence of 10 years for operating a perfectly legal business.


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About the author: John Gohde is a long time natural health researcher.  He writes for NaturalHealthPerspective.com. John is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. He likes to empower people with valuable information. John has a passion for wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, and healthy lifestyles.

John Gohde
John Gohde is a writer for NaturalHealthPerspective.com. He is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. His main passions are natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.