Fear sells! So stay sane!


It is now a week since the Paris attacks. Most Republicans and their dedicated media have now successfully created a social hysteria into these days as to whether or not we are going to expect another 9/11 here in our country. Honestly, Does this scenario seem familiar to you too?

For sure! These “motivations” will send the average American the same similar signals their deception media once perfectly made it years ago with the case of Iraq! Though caused by a devastating conspiracy, this previously led to military and political meddling where we had no business at all.

For one thing, the totally demolished Iraq grew no better fruit but the rise of ISIS which helped the media to cover fear and insecurity constantly as its headlines should be a living proof for that. For the people around the world and us here in America it is nothing but hate to be fed every day by the media until you and I would find ourselves consumed by it.

In my journey to find the truth, i prefer not to let media and politicians dictate how I feel. The politicians in this country have given nothing but fear, discrimination and intolerance and have done this country a great disservice. You could take it to the bank!

Yes, some of these so-called politicians have been in the business of misguiding Americans for years. Who really trusts our political leaders these days? Not many. I think most don’t believe in our politicians-especially some that are…more vocal. Look at the presidential candidates. They keep telling everyone what they think the majority in their party wants to hear not the ones that can actually ,or at least,  promise something different after all we’ve been through.

Maybe, it is correct that “Fear is toxic to a democracy, Fear divides, Fear overreacts, and Fear discriminates.” Yet, there’s one thing that should not be forgotten; Fear sells. And the majority of conservative politicians are the salespeople and sadly, it is the uniformed that are buying!

Finally, the ugly truth is our history is built on many things that many don’t wish to talk about. The idea that Black folks seem to have suffered from slavery is simply wrong. Slavery rarely cares what color your skin happens to be. It also comes in many forms. It also has been going on for hundreds of years. As one of my relatives once said, “Americans must collapse the pyramids of control (being a slave to the system) by acquiring the true knowledge instead of being treated like an idiot”. We must turn the “idiot box” upside down and start fresh.

Where no honor or decency exists, should long the shadow of fear rule. (John Turner)







John Turner
I am John. I live in NYC. I love politics and all that is around it! I study Political Science. I am a big fan of investigate journalism and I stand for independent thinking in our country! "Dying to Win" one of the best books i ever read.