From Fat to Slim: Full Body Workout for Women


When most people think of HIIT they think of it as applicable only for cardio, yet it can also be used in weight training. After all, weight training itself is a form of HIIT—you do a set with all-out effort, rest, then do another set, rest, and repeat. Resting two to three minutes between sets, however, is too long for a training session to be considered an effective form of HIIT. But all you have to do is shorten rest periods and you’re doing a kind of HIIT that burns fat.

HIIT is a big help because it takes them through a full body workout that can be done at home. Many a times, women complain about their problem areas – stomach, thighs, arms etc and wish to tone just those areas. The set of exercises in this Full Body workout generally focuses on the whole body making it fitter. In any case nothing much is achieved by focusing on problem areas and you have to attack fitness as an issue of the whole body.

Warming up

Before you start exercise, warm up to make the body ready for the work out that follows. A warm up is a good way to loosed muscles and ensure that there are no injuries during the process of exercising. Start with on the spot jogging – slow at first and then pick up pace. Seal jacks, butt kicks, static stretch, shoulder and neck rotations etc help the muscles to get ready to exercise.

The full body workout sequence

Before you start the exercise, do remember to take approval from the doctor for your condition. The exercises will be done for 1 minute followed by a 15 second rest.

Plank Jacks – Start in the plank position and jump in and out. If this feels to much you can try step in and step out. This will put strain on the lower back and also help you burn calories. Squeeze the butt and the core area. It will help in strengthening your lower abdominal region.

One leg box step over – Place one leg on the step up and move the other leg on both sides. Repeat the exercise equal number of times on both the sides. Squeeze your butt and go slow to ensure that your balance is maintained. Do not try to pace up if not comfortable.

Squat Jump with forward punches – This is a good way to tones the biceps as well as the leg muscles in the same exercise. Take a 1 kg dumbbell on each hand. Squat and come to original position with a jump. Add two punches to the jump. If there is too much strain you can cut out the jump and just stay in a squat and punch or pulse and punch.

Inchworm to push up – Stand on the edge of the mat and touch your toes. Now move forward on your hand till your back is almost straight. Here, add a push up and inch back to the original position, Repeat for 60 seconds.

Mountain climber – This one is a little different from the regular mountain climber. Start in the plank position and bring one leg to the side of the hand. repeat with the other leg. Do not let the shoulders droop. This exercise tightened the leg muscles and contributes to the flexibility of the body.

Plank shuffle – Start in plank position and move the entire body 2-3 steps to the sides. At the end open your arms to form a T. In case this is difficult, you can drop down on the knees. This will build the upper body as well as core strength.

Bulgarian Squats – These are great for your butt. Start with a dumbbell in each hand. Place one foot on the step up and one away from it. Drop down such that there is a 90-degree angle in the front leg. Move the hands to the front along with the drop. Repeat with the other leg as well. Let the movement is slow and controlled.

Box jumps – These tone the calf muscles. Use the step up or even a few pillows will do. Stand a little away from the step up and jump up on it and then jump down. Remember to land softly on the toes else you can end up hurting yourself.

Lateral shuffle kicks back – This exercise targets the muscles in the shoulders. Stand with one leg on the step up and the forearm perpendicular to the arm. Push yourself up on the step up, change the leg and kick back with the shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

45-degree leg abduction – This works the muscles of the butt region. Kneel down on the floor and push the leg up 45 degrees. Stay there and pulse it.

Repeat all the exercises for the best results. Despite what large supplement companies and many misguided trainers will tell you about after-work out meals and snacks, carbohydrates are what your body needs most after an intense workout (not an immense amount of protein). Eat a meal as soon as you can after a workout, and if it’s going to be any longer than 60-90 minutes before you can prepare a meal, make sure that you choose a healthy snack to hold you over.

Aradhana Pandey
I’m Aradhana. I am a passionate writer and love to write on topics like yoga, wellness, health and lifestyle. I believe good health is the key to success and happiness. Through my writings I love to motivate people to develop healthy habits and adopt natural ways of living to achieve sound health. In my free time I love to experiment on new cuisines and travelling.