Fat: The Missing Link


Not all fats are created equal. Starting from the 1960’a when a physiologist named Ancel Keys published the seminal paper knowns as the “Seven Countries Study” in the 1963, the public were taught to demonize all fats from saturated fats to trans-fats. What the public weren’t taught were that Keys handpicked his own information from the data so that those data will support his theory. But it would have been 60 years later that researchers discovered that there is no correlation between high cholesterol and plaque formations that leads to heart diseases. But in order for the big interests to still make money off of the fat-hype, the government tried to change the “food pyramid” making it think like they are leaning towards allowing the public to eat more fats but in the last minutes they always advise to stay away from fats and lean towards eating more carbohydrates.  As the decades went on the public and the food companies eliminated fats from their diets, but something started to happened to the public the obesity rates started to go up and up.By cutting fats, the public gave up the one missing link that was needed to a greater health. The doctors and the dieticians blamed the public on being lazy and eating too much fat, but the reality were the public were consuming less fats and exercising more than ever before, just look at the late night commercials more than half of what they are trying to sell are either exercise videos or some kind a new magic bullet that will melt the fat away. There is one key mssing feature of why our bodies do not assilimiate

Bad Vitamins or bad diet?

Dietary fats, especially animal fats, are essential to the overall health. This is due to the fact that some of the most essential vitamins and minerals need fats in order for the body to assimilate. There is a saying that “if you take vitamins and minerals, you are urinating money out of your body” there is some truth in that saying since we don’t allow the body to have the tools to grab onto those vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat soluble vitamins meaning they need fat in order for the body to use them, so what would happen if we restrict fats out of our diet? Those vitamins and minerals are not getting absorbed into our bodies. This is the missing link. There are numerous studies out there the reason why we have high cholesterol level and yet we eat very little dietary fats and we regularly exercise is because our body is trying to compensate the low amount of fats in our body. The body is producing them to prevent inflammations in our muscles, joints and ect. You ever wonder why we have a rampant increase in arthritis and brain related degenerative disease? And the medical establishment want to keep lowering cholesterol through drugs such as Statin, which causes neurological disorders.

Ancestors’ Food and the Solution

Our ancestors ate tons of animal fats and they were healthy, but many of you would say “oh how can you say that without any evidence of them being healthy?”. As a matter of fact, a dentist in the 1930’s named Weston A. Price studied the dental health of the pre-industrial populations tribes of Africa and Pacific Islanders. He took numerous photographs of the people he studied and compared the dental health and facial structure of the people who lived on their traditional diets eating animal fats, nuts and berries to people who adopted or grown up on industrialized foods. He found that those who ate the native diets as same as those from our ancestors, which were rich in animal fats, had a healthier teeth and facial structures were even than compared to those to the people who consumed industrial and processed foods, he noted that rampant increase of tooth decay and cavities due to processed sugars and processed fats such as vegetable oils and the facial structure.

Harry Lee LAc
I am a descendent of a long line of acupuncturists. My grandfather was a pharmacist and an acupuncturist in Korea. My mother has been practicing acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine for over 20 years in California. I have witnessed what oriental medicine and acupuncture can achieve with a broad range of patients, including those that have grown dissatisfied with Western Medicine and those that continue to treat with Western Medicine. You can find out more about me at my webiste @ harryleelac.com