The Fastest Way to Change Your Life


The fastest way to change your life is by making a decision.  I’m not talking about a standard life-changing decision like what job to take or where to live.  I’m talking about what happens when you reach your limit with something, decide you’ve had enough, and simply choose that this is no longer the way it is going to be.  And you are so firm with this decision that you throw all caution, fears and doubts to the wind.  You simply make a mental choice and fully trust that things will become a certain way.  This decision may or may not involve taking a physical action.  You don’t think about what will happen if this turns out to be a bad move or if you fail, even though deep down you know that the consequences of your decision may be fierce.  The risk becomes worth it, compared to the struggle, the pain, the hurt, the feeling of being trapped, the fear of being alone….  You have finally decided to let go of something that does not serve you.  You have finally decided that you are bigger and better than the experience that you have thus far accepted as part of life or who you had to be.

If there is an action involved, people might tell you that you are crazy.  And you know very well that your decision is illogical based on modern-day systems, security fears, reactions from loved ones, etc.  You may wind up alone.  You may wind up with nothing.  But you have come to despise the experience you have learned to know as reality, you have realized that the design of this experience (at least for you) must be flawed if it causes you so much suffering, you have decided that you deserve better, and you have recognized that the reason you are still in your experience has something to do with fear.  Although the Bible and many other sources tell us many times not to live in fear, pretty much everyone you know is doing exactly that in at least one aspect of their lives.

People are not spending their time doing what they want or what they love.  They constantly make decisions based on fear of loss or lack.  They grab onto attachments (objects, places, people, jobs, money, etc.), believing that their security lies in these illusions.  But in reality, security only lies in your ability to realize your power as a creative energy source, as well as your trust in this energy source, no matter where you believe it is coming from.

A firm conscious decision for change could be as simple as, “I choose to stay healthy and will never catch another cold,” or as complex as, “I’m leaving this situation because I’m not going to spend my life struggling any more.  Life will be easy from now on.”  Often times simply making such a powerful decision could dislodge subconscious energy blocks that have kept you on such a path, although I highly recommend looking for and removing any subconscious blocks that may still be in your way.

I’m not suggesting that all firm decisions will necessarily take you to what you currently believe to be your desired path, especially since your desires may evolve.  But they will take you away from your undesired path, and they often make a great stepping-stone to your perfect reality.  Nothing in this life is permanent, but the fear of change or the inability to see opportunities tends to seriously prolong unnecessary suffering.

It may help you to realize that everyone is on your side.  By everyone, I am talking about spirit beings (both good and bad) and human beings (both good and bad).  You have no adversaries.  Those that have mistreated you (or even mankind), are all on your team, whether they realize it or not.  Your energy is always working with everyone to fulfill your requests.  Even if someone has been manipulating you or stealing from you, it is for your growth.  It is to keep you from becoming complacent.  It is to push you into realizing that you deserve better, that you have had enough, and that you are ready for a new experience.  With this decision, which gets embedded into your subconscious mind, you become a new you, your energy changes, and the circumstances around you adjust accordingly.

Never settle for anything less than you desire.  And never attempt to love another more than yourself.  It won’t work.  Love involves everyone.  If you leave yourself out, you throw the whole team out of balance.  So review your circumstances, and if you have truly had enough, take the plunge.  Decide that you are ready for more than the current part of your reality that you have found to be less than satisfying, and less than you deserve.  Focus on where you choose to be and trust that there is an invisible safety net that will always help you where necessary, so long as you are following your internal guidance.  After all, that safety net is part of the team; and learning to trust this new way of being is a lesson that we are all being challenged to learn at this time.  Doesn’t a life of your choosing sound so much better, and make so much more sense, than the life practices that you were taught?  Doesn’t it seem logical that when everyone is happy, all experiences will fit together more harmoniously?  I can tell you from experience that no matter what new challenges you find yourself in after making that long-desired leap, you will never look back.


About the author

Vicki Luibrand is a hypnotherapist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and has a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts.  She guides people to heal themselves both physically and mentally by finding and releasing buried emotions and external attachments within the subconscious mind.  For more information, go to

Vicki Luibrand
Vicki Luibrand is a hypnotherapist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and has a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts. She guides people to heal themselves both physically and mentally by finding and releasing buried emotions in the subconscious mind. For more information, go to