The Fantastic Benefits of Having a Water Bottle Refill Drinking Fountain in your Community


In communities all over the world, citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of hydration, the implications of plastic pollution on global ecosystems, and climate change.

Ready for Change

More concerned citizens wish they could do more about the growing concerns related to an increasingly warmer planet –and how to combat dehydration in rising temperatures.

A Common Enemy

Drinking fountains in public areas are a part of the solution to our plastic problem which is gripping the entire planet. Recycling, while it keeps plastic waste out of landfills for the short term, is merely a band aid created by a plastic industry that was well aware that they modified a once natural substance (rubber does/did come from trees) and poisoned it with petrol, hormone disrupters, and other nasty ingredients which will without a doubt, harm a developing child.

To keep it simple, let’s take a look at some key issues facing the global human population as a result of modern plastics:

  1. Only 1 in 6 single use plastic bottles are recycled.
  2. Bottled water is responsible for wasting 2,000 times the cost of energy when compared to water that comes out of the tap.
  3. Water stored in plastic bottles is free of chlorine (and rightly so, that would break down the bottle which contains it and leech more harmful chemicals into the water) –although as a result it also contains more bacteria than water from the tap.
  4. An entire litre of fossil fuels are used in the creation and supply chain transport of a single bottle of water.
  5. Animals consume plastics, which never break down, and get a belly full of plastic while starving to death. Millions of birds die of this annually, for example.

In a nut shell, that bottle you hold onto for an hour or so travelled days or weeks to get to you, takes a large toll on our natural environment, is responsible for carbon emissions causing global warming, and serves little to no purpose once used because chemicals begin to leech soon after it is produced. Communities have been asking themselves; what right do we have to do this?

And this is why communities want change.

Water Drinking Fountains for Improved Health, Positive Environmental Impact

Up until present, many communities have made an effort to place a drinking fountain in public areas however their endeavours have been falling short.

Modern drinking fountains are much unlike the drinking fountains of the past; armed with new features which are geared to boost efficiency, sanitation, and ease of use, modern drinking fountains come equipped with solutions to old problems.

Older fountains have been reported to contain more bacteria than a school toilet; they’re dirty, parts are becoming harder to find for maintenance, and they break down easily.

The Solution

Modern drinking fountains come equipped with features which are more hygienic, refreshing, and can help eliminate plastic waste; here’s how.

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  1. Drinking water fountains built more recently possess water filters which clear out harmful toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals. Most will have a visual filter monitor so maintenance staff and fountain users can be alerted when a fountain needs a new filter.
  1. Modern fountains come with options; touchless operation, single-use plastic bottle refilling spouts, and even motivating bottle counters to make everyone aware how many bottles a site has virtually removed from the environment.
  1. Silver-ion anti-microbial silver is bonded within the materials which make up these modern drinking fountains, meaning they resist and even kill bacteria on contact.

The Benefits of a Drinking Fountain equipped with a Water Bottle Refill Option

  1. Eliminate plastic waste and keep an area free of plastic litter.
  2. Prevent the spread of illness before it begins.
  3. A FREE alternative to sugary drinks and other vending machines; kids are healthier, parents nerves are intact –win/win.

Need Help?

If you’re looking for ways to help your community foot the bill for one of these hydrating devices for whatever motivation that drives you to do so, consider the following ways to raise the funds:

  1. Bake sales, read-a-thons, selling water canteens which can be re-used.
  2. Make a donation; every little bit helps.
  3. The price of admission to a school dance, event, or student registration fees.
  4. Corporate sponsorships; children’s health is a great way to inspire funding.
  5. Talk about what you learned today reading this article with everyone you love. Get the word out!

In Conclusion

A drinking water fountain with a bottle refill option is a great indicator of the very ethics of a community; schools, community centres, and the like all get kick-backs from vending machine companies that push sugary drinks on impressionable children.

To choose a water bottle refilling station is to make a statement; WE CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR ENVIRONMENT, AND THE FUTURE. End of story. Why should poor neighbourhoods bow to sugar for funding, when the true loss, although harder to measure, is in human capital. It’s hard to measure, therefore easy to deny.

But one thing is certain; drinking fountain do their part to save the world. What are you doing?

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