Facebook Induced Tourettes Syndrome

Facebook Induced Tourettes Syndrome (FITS) is defined as the inability to control typing out whatever thoughts and words come into ones mind while being irritated by something seen or read on face book.
These posts and comments usually contain colorful and sometimes offensive language. Such posts are occasionally regretted afterwards.
FITS affects 1 out of 3 people who frequent FaceBook on a daily basis.
Though not directly contagious by coming into contact with someone who has FITS, and you cannot catch it by clicking on someone’s wall, it has been known to spread through out Facebook cliques.
The threads containing these outbursts often attract a lot of attention and can continue on for several hundred comments often ending in heated arguments, unfriending and even blocking.
So far there is no permanent cure for FITS.
If you feel you or someone you love has contracted FITS do not panic.
Outbursts are sometimes highly entertaining, thought provoking, or at the very least – pot stirring.
Carry on at your own risk.
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