Eyebrows & Eyelashes – Little hairs with a big job


We pluck them, trim them, shape them, and curl them. Eyebrows and eyelashes might seem all for aesthetics and we can get a little vain with their appearances. The reason we have both of them is to protect the eyes. As humans, we rely on sight more than any other sense, which means we want a strong defense when it comes to anything that could harm our vision.


Eyebrows keep sweat and unwanted liquid, like rain, out of the eyes. They’re able to deflect debris and keep out water from blurring vision. They also shield our eyes from the sun. We might lose other body hair with age, but eyebrows tend to remain. Another role of the eyebrows is their ability to communicate via facial expressions. It’s like drawing a picture. Depending on how those lines above the eyes are drawn, the eyebrows can express anger, surprise, and an array of emotions. Eyebrows exaggerate our expressions.


Eyelashes are also protective. One might think of eyelashes being like whiskers. If something touches our eyelashes, we blink so that none of the debris or substance will enter the eyes. If we didn’t have eyelashes, our reflex to blink would take much longer. We don’t always see what is coming our way.

Many people chose to alter their eyebrows and eyelashes for cosmetic reasons. This is fine but be careful of any mascara products or dyes you might use that can have toxins. Some people use these products to make their eyebrows and lashes longer and thicker.

There are certain health conditions that can cause someone to lose their eyebrows and/or eyelashes. Alopecia is a condition in which a person experiences patchy hair loss. Trichotillomania is a condition that occurs when someone has the compulsion to pull out their hair. Having an underactive thyroid can cause the eyebrows to become too thin. Lupus can cause the eyebrows to fall out. Therefore, sometimes eyebrows and eyelashes can be used as indications to be weary of our health and to seek medical attention. Thin, thick, long, or short, eyebrows and eyelashes serve a purpose, so protect them and they will protect you.

Sales are high for products that help grow thicker, fuller eyebrows and eyelashes. For this, there are actually natural remedies you can do at home versus spending money on expensive trial and errors products. Some you may already be doing for your skin but can now apply to these hairs. Natural remedies you can do at home include using coconut oil, tea tree oil, saw palmetto, lavender oil, and olive oil. It is also important not to over groom these hairs, such as over plucking your eyebrows. Sometimes overdoing it with makeup can hinder hair growth as well. Avoiding stress is always good and this theory aligns with the saying, “I’m so stressed, I’m losing my hair”. Well, eyebrows and eyelashes are hairs too.

Our face is our first impression and the most noticeable part of ourselves. With today’s technology, our face is on camera and in pictures now more than ever. Naturally taking self-care measures is not only part of good hygiene, but it can be a boost to our confidence, our self-efficacy, and even make us smile a little bigger because we feel good about the face we see in the mirror.

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