Expert Finds That Vitamins Prevent Cancer


Bruce Ames, Ph.D., a recipient of the National Medal of Science and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, states that vitamins can prevent DNA changes that lead to cancer. Dr. Ames, author of over 550 scientific papers, is the most cited scientist across all fields of science. He is a recipient of of several international prizes, citations, and awards for his contributions to science.

Dr. Ames developed the Triage Theory of how the body rations nutrients when supplies are running low, whereby nutrients in short supply are used for immediate survival needs, leaving long-term needs that protect each cell’s DNA vulnerable. This vulnerability results in damage that can lead to tumors and cancer. In an article from The Scientist magazine, he is quoted as stating that “This suggests you’re paying a price any time you get a little low on any vitamin or mineral,” says Ames. He goes on to state that, “I think the future of avoiding the degenerative diseases of aging is not drugs but getting your metabolism and nutrition tuned up.”

Dr. Ames’ findings are consistent with findings in the Physician’s Health Study at Harvard Medical School that showed, “…taking a standard multivitamin-multimineral pill every day for more than a decade reduces the odds of developing cancer.”

As with most studies on vitamins, it is advised to continue getting most of your nutrients from whole foods and use supplements as an insurance against any missing nutrients in the foods, or your body’s inability to absorb them.

Jeff McCombs