What to Expect from a Good Car Service


It is important to get your car serviced once in a while, since it eliminates the damages that it suffers the risk of encountering. Apart from that, there is also this impending MOT (Ministry of Transport) test once in a year, which your car needs to pass to ply on the UK road. And it is extremely important that your car passes this test with flying colours. That’s because it ensures that the car is in a good condition from almost every aspect.

A regular car servicing keeps your car up and running throughout its lifetime and saves you the cost of mending huge damages. Now the question that arises here is: what actually happens in the process of car servicing? How is it done? What is actually checked and what to actually expect from a car servicing?

This is what we are going to discuss in this article in details. So let’s find out.

Now obviously, what is checked during a car service will completely depend on the type of car service your car is booked for. Car servicing can be divided into three broad types:

  • Oil and filter service: In this category of car servicing, the oil your car runs on and the oil filter will be replaced with new ones. In addition to this, a few other components of your car will be checked too, for example, the brake fluid, windscreen, the power steering fluid and so on.
  • Interim service: This kind of car service is generally carried out either every 6 months or every 6000 miles travelled. Along with the oil and filter checks, this type of car servicing also covers the brakes, shock absorbers, steering and so on. This car servicing is primarily availed to not have to wait a whole year to know whether your car has or is about to suffer any considerable damage or not.
  • Full service: The full service is carried out once every year or every 12,000 miles travelled. In this type of car service, the oil and filter is checked and the services covered in the interim service are also covered. In addition to that, services like checking the wheel alignment, steering, spark plugs, bearing, filters and so on are also covered in this type of car service.

The objective of getting your car serviced on a regular basis is to ensure that it does not stop functioning in the middle of the road, keeping you badly stranded.

Now let’s find out the details of what actually happens in a car servicing.

  1. The interior and the exterior

First of all, the interior and exterior lights are checked. Then other parts are inspected, namely:

  • horns
  • seatbelts
  • mirrors
  • number plate
  • windscreen
  • wipers

In addition to all of that, other similar components of your car’s exterior and interior will also be checked.

  1. Under the Bonnet

Once the exterior and interior of your car are checked, it is time to go under the bonnet. First the battery is checked for safety, next comes the auxiliary belts and radiator hoses and so on. After that, the coolant and the anti-freeze are checked for leaks. Next comes the thorough inspection of radiator and hydraulics.

  1. Wheels

The vehicle is raised during inspection and the wheels are given a thorough check to locate any slight damage that might have been inflicted on them. The wheels and brake drums are taken out and the discs are checked for any kind of damage that might require immediate repair. When the inspection of the pipes and the hydraulic system are complete, the tyres are given a complete inspection.

  1. Miscellaneous

This time the filters are checked and refilled. The spark plugs are checked. So are the hinges on the bonnet and door. The battery terminals are properly lubricated. Once that is completed, the nuts on your wheels are given a final round of check up to ensure safety.

Now your car servicing is complete. You can give it a spin to check whether you are satisfied with it.


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