Evita Ramparte ovarian cancer story – healing ovarian cancer naturally in only 4 months


Here’s how the Evita Ramparte ovarian cancer story begins:

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2000, Evita was asked by her doctors to prepare for surgery and a suite of aggressive treatments to remove the cauliflower-shaped tumors that had covered her ovaries entirely. Things weren’t looking too good at home either. Her then husband was unsupportive and did not seem to care about the terrible struggles that lay ahead for Evita.

And at that point, she decided to stop and examine her lifestyle choices. What Evita found was that she had plunged into a deep depression, aided by a mix of poor dietary choices and an unhealthy relationship with her husband.

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Positive energy and natural cleansing

After a visit to a holistic healer, Evita decided to turn her life around by cleansing her body naturally and surrounding herself with positive energy. Up to that point, her diet had consisted mainly of pizza, caffeine and ice cream, which made her put on unwanted weight, and feel absolutely exhausted throughout the day.

But now it was time to test the curative properties organic fruits and vegetables. During her first visits to the local organic market, Evita picked up beets, apples, olive oil, and lemons, which she started to slowly incorporate into her daily diet.

Evita Ramparte – How to cleanse in 7 days

The next step for Evita was a powerful juice cleanse. “Like a sugar junkie without the sugar,” she struggled to maintain her resolve through the ordeal. She had to deal with feelings of anxiety, mood swings, pain, and unhealthy cravings, but she persevered.

During only 5 days of juice cleansing, she passed 16 gull bladder stones, cleared up her skin, and rid herself of unhealthy sugar and meat cravings.

This eventually led to Evita penning the book: How To Cleanse In 7 Days: Be Sexy & Gorgeous From The Inside Out!

Surgery for Evita, was the last option – Diet and lifestyle changes was first

At this point, Evita knew that her poor diet and unhealthy relationships had been the root cause of her declining health. She told her doctors that she was going to continue improving her diet, juicing and exercising for four months, and that if her condition did not improve at all during this time, she was going to accept the surgery.

What came next were four months of consuming raw vegan foods while focusing on cleansing her body and strengthening her inner organs. Evita completely eliminated meat, eggs, sugar and dairy from her diet. The results were spectacular. She lost 54 pounds, got a much needed divorce, and got her tumors to progressively shrink until her ovaries regained their full health.

The Evita Ramparte hoax – or was it?

At her next visit to the hospital, her doctors confirmed that she was cancer free, but refused to believe that all it took was making two simple lifestyle changes, which, in Evita’s own words were, “establishing mental clarity and having a healthy diet.”

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