Every Parent Should Know Basic First Aid


Most children under a certain age are accident probe. This is because children are exposed to a number of risks in their active everyday lives. Basic first aid for children offers invaluable training for all parents, regardless of the child’s age. Learning first aid for baby is a must for all new parents. First aid for parents with slightly older children is recommended for those with children of all ages.

What courses and training are offered?

CPR mistakes like inaccurate assessment of the body’s response or improper chest compression technique can mean life or death when it comes to the child. CPR courses teach parents how to provide CPR if a child experiences a traumatic injury or other condition that affects oxygen levels in the body.

1. Drowning is one of the top causes of preventable accidents with children. Supervision or lack thereof puts children at risk. Drowning accidents can happen in only 20 seconds. These accidents typically occur in backyard pools or bathtubs. Classes teach parents how to detect the signs of drowning and the proper steps to save the child’s life.

2. Children encounter choking hazards every day with toys and other accessible tangible objects left within their reach. While many steps can be taken to prevent potential choking accidents from ever occurring, if an accident does happen, parents can be prepared with the right training.

3. Burns can be easily infected if not being treated properly. Some people soak the burn for too little time. Others mistakenly treat the burn with ice. Different burns require different types of attention and even medical intervention in some cases. First aid training for parents covers these topics and so much more to help keep children safe.

4. An allergic reaction to a bee or wasp sting can lead to serious medical complications for children. Classes educate parents on topics like hives, itchy eyes and other symptoms. Mistakes like pinching the stinger could further endanger the child. Parents also learn the appropriate way to respond to the condition to prevent further injury from happening.

5. Clean and dress a wound. There is a lot of misinformation out there about how best to handle a fresh wound. Some information out there recommends using alcohol or peroxide to clean the wound. Some information out there suggests cleaning the wound with only water and applying an antibacterial ointment. Courses covering first aid topics like addressing a wound are covered in these first aid courses.

Other educational opportunities

Other course topics covered in these courses include how to perform a splint, respond to poisoning incidents, controlling diarrhoea and protecting a child during a seizure. Many parents are looking for educational opportunities to learn more about first aid training to help keep their children safe. Doing so can really prove to be a life-saving measure. The author of this article recommends Kids First Aid if you’re truly looking for a course tailored to parents and their children.

New parents, parents who have never taken a course, and parents in need of a refresher course can benefit from these courses. Many of the older practices once recommended are no longer advocated. Many of these minor changes are substantial enough to potentially save the child’s life. Enrolling in a basic first aid training course is recommended for every parent.

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