Every Child deserves a Lotus Birth!


Imagine someone extracts 1/3 of your blood supply and then says to you:

Now go and cook a meal for yourself!

Would you be able to even get out of your bed? Would you be able to make your way down the staircase to the kitchen and stand for 20 minutes in the kitchen to prepare your meal?

The answer to all is simply: NO

You would be dizzy, sleepy, spaced out, not able to even make it to the bathroom yourself. You would need an IV blood supply to make sure you could even make it over the few hours.

This is about the situation EACH normal newborn experiences in modern birth practices today.


During the birth process blood from the baby is moved into the umbilical cord and placenta to actually “shrink” the baby, so it can get through the birth canal more easily. In terms of volume of blood this is about 200 ml that can easily leave the body of the baby. This is about 1/3 of the baby’s total blood supply. This would definitely include the baby’s brain too. During birth this is okay as the baby will still get enough oxygen and supplies from the mother.

In modern birthing practice, the umbilical cord is cut right after the birth. Once the baby is out, the doctor will take a knife and cut the cord from the baby right away. No time is given for the blood to slowly enter the baby’s body again. A large amount of blood will stay in the placenta and cord. This is also a major reason why mothers experience hemorrhaging during childbirth. Not just the imbalance in the blood system and the high blood content in the uterus, which has nowhere to go, but when the mother sees her baby brutally cut from her, this often can have a shocking effect on her health. Perhaps not on a conscious level, but for sure on an energetic level. Seeing the baby cut off and crying in pain, which they do experience, can also lead to a traumatic experience for mothers. In childbirth we should never separate mother and baby in the process – they are deeply connected on many levels, which most people do not fully understand today.

Additionally, the baby will lack blood for weeks after the birth, could even be too lethargic to breastfeed, as breastfeeding takes a lot of energy from the baby. Babies will cry very rarely or almost never as they will be too weak. As common practice is to cut the umbilical cord, most parents have never seen how alert, energetic and amazing newborn babies can be if the cord is not cut immediately, like in a lotus birth. It has been proven that many health issues, such as autism and other damages to the child can come right from the practice of cutting the cord too soon at childbirth, but yet, the medical system and even most midwifes keep practicing the cutting of the umbilical cord right after birth.

This is a practice as brutal to the mother as to the child, with dramatic outcomes often for both.

Robin Lim, former CNN hero and midwife, is one of the midwives and women out there educating women all over the world to stop this practice and go back to the old ways of childbirth – The gentle Lotus Birth. During a lotus birth the baby is never cut from the placenta. After birth the baby will be given to the mother right away, with the cord still attached to the mother. Mother and child will perform their first breastfeeding and bonding. After some time the placenta will be expelled. A bowl is prepared with flowers and herbs ready to give the placenta a new home for the next days.

The umbilical cord will fall off the baby naturally within the next two days, the baby’s belly button will heal without any trouble. Most importantly: The baby will still be nurtured from the placenta and will experience no pain from the cutting of the umbilical cord. All the blood will gently flow back into the baby. Babies born this way are fantastic breast feeders, they form a stronger bond to their mothers, grow faster, turn out with higher IQ levels and later in life will have less health issues. Thousands of mothers are already experiencing this gentle way of childbirth. From natural prenatal care, to gentle water birth, to lotus birth for the baby and breastfeeding without issues – reconnecting with the traditional ways of birthing will make a hugely positive change to our world.

Every child deserves a LOTUS BIRTH!

Ni Zain
Ni Zain has been living in Asia for almost 20 years and is an expert in cleansing and detox processes, as well as healthy eating. She has written her first book called "The REAL Healthy Cooking Book - Part 1", and is now in the process of publishing it – while she was writing this book, she realized she had so much more to write about healthy cooking, so Part 2 & 3 are now slowly being developed. "Healing Women and Me" is another book in the works - a wonderful guide for women on how to live healthier in our modern world, with incredibly inspiring photos from women around the world, but mostly from Bali, where Ni Zain has been living for many years. Ni Zain has published many articles on www.baliforkids.com Magazine and is a holistic voice in her community. Her work is based on a healing philosophy of body, mind and spirit: Only if all three are in balance can we live a healthy and happy life. Ni Zain is an Access Consciousness Practitioner, telepath, spiritual healer, life style coach and works also on repairing DNA in humans and plants. She believes all diseases can be cured with a fully holistic approach. A large part of her teaching is about prevention, rather than cure. "The 5 Pillars of Self Healing" - another book in development - will open a full self healing program for everyone, based on the 5 Elements of Life. You can read more about Ni Zain on www.nizain.com or on her facebook page www.facebook.com/ni.zain.7