Essential Items for an Economic Collapse


Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.

It is well understood what items are going to be needed in the event of an economical crisis. Usually these items include ammunition, food, medical supplies, clothing, and shelter but what happens in case of a ‘bug out’ situation or when these prepared items run low or completely out? Instead, it is crucial to understand what may be needed under every circumstance during an event such as an economical crisis. Some unspoken items that are never mentioned that will be needed include books, alcohol, seeds, tools, and anything else that can create bartering power.

Books – Some of the most important items that will be needed in case of an economical collapse will be “How To” books. Survival books, hunting books, books on first aid, farming books, and even books that teach how to build will be very much needed and will go a long way regardless of the collapse that society may be experiencing. For example, a book on how to farm will help sustain a family’s hunger that has enough room to grow fruits and vegetables as well as a book on first aid will aid in the treatment of a sickness and even teach how to mend fractured and broken bones. Books that teach survival skills while in the wilderness as well as how to hunt, fish, and build will also help a family or any individual during a ‘bug out’ situation.

Fabric – Not only will clothing be extremely important during an economical collapse but so will the fabric necessary to repair torn clothing or to make some more. At some point during an economical crisis all the clothing will have been either purchased or stolen from various department stores and none will be there to replace it. Obviously it will be important to have as much clothing as possible but it will be even more important to have items such as cotton, wool, and other fabrics. To compliment a stockpile of fabric be sure to also have sewing tools and books that teach how to repair and knit torn and damaged clothes.

Seeds – A stockpile of food is always thought of in case of an economical collapse but what happens when that stockpile runs out? In order to be prepared for tough times it will be necessary to have seeds to start a garden pertaining to all of the essential plants needed for a well balanced diet. Some plants that help provide a well balanced diet as well as essential vitamins, amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, and overall sustenance are corn, squash, beans, wheat, potatoes, and rice. These plants can be grown fairly easy and do not require enormous fields. Corn, squash, and beans can grow harmonious with one another in an ancient technique known as ‘The Three Sisters.’ When planting crops that will be used as food later it is wise to plant crops that have a long lasting shelf life so that they may survive throughout the winter. Some foods that can be grown with long lasting shelf lives are wheat, rice, beans, coffee, tea, and different spices.

Razor Blades – Surprisingly not a lot of people realize the importance of a good razor blade. Once manufacturers stop producing razor blades during an economical collapse many people will not know what to shave with instead. Shaving with a knife is much harder than most people realize and it is going to be extremely difficult to find a straight razor blade like that a barber works with. However, if possible be sure to purchase one before an economical collapse occurs as they range in price from $9.99 to $19.99.

Ammo Reloading Kits and Weapon Cleaning Kits – As the public becomes more aware of the possibility of an economical crisis many people have mentioned the importance of stocking up on weapons and ammunition. However, no one has mentioned the importance of stocking up on ammo reloading kits and supplies or weapon cleaning kits and supplies. At some point, like everything else, ammo and weapons too will become scare and hard to come by. To avoid running out of ammunition in times of need it is very important to purchase various reloading equipment and supplies and to be able to know how to properly reload ammunition. As well as it will be of the upmost importance to ensure that all weapons in the household are thoroughly cleaned and operable by having a decent supply of gun lubricant, powder solvent, ramrods, cleaning clothes, brushes, and spare parts.

Essential Everyday Tools – Tools such as matches and lighters are obvious to have during an economical crisis but other tools such as axe sharpeners, knife sharpeners, wheelbarrows, pots and pans are rarely thought of in a ‘bug out’ situation. Any object that assists with completing a task can be considered a tool so objects such as pots and pans in order to cook with will be some of the most important items to have in store. Other items such as knife sharpeners will come in handy as blades become dull with time and an axe sharpener will be extremely important if chopping wood on a regular basis in order to provide heat for survival. It was one of mankind’s biggest accomplishments to invent the wheel and in a crisis situation the wheel, such as a wheelbarrow or even a bicycle, will once again be a very important and useful tool in the transportation of people, goods, and supplies.

Services Capabilities – There will be a lot of items that families may have to trade for such as medical supplies for ammunition or food for clothing. However, to prevent a stockpile of goods from running out and to keep up with bartering power it will be essential for every member of the family to learn a skill set or trade specialty that will be beneficial to the current situation. For example, individuals who know how to build can provide other individuals with assistance with building shelter in trade for food as well as other individuals who know how to provide medical care can barter their services in trade for clothing, ammunition, or even protection. Even individuals who know how to play various instruments can provide entertainment in trade for a small fee of a meal, warmth, and shelter.

Food Producing Animals – Families in possession of food producing animals will be able to last much longer during a worldwide economical crisis. This is because as long as families provide enough food and nutrients for the animal the animal will keep on producing enough food and nutrients for the family in this small example of the circle of life. Food producing animals such as chickens are easy to maintain and keep in relatively small numbers and provide adequate protein either from their eggs or meat if breeding them as well. Cows produce enough milk for a family to live off and can also provide plenty of meat if breeding them. Other animals such as pigs will have to be continuously bred and looked after but will also provide more than plenty of meat and make for a powerful bartering tool. Goats should also be considered if enough grazing room can be provided as goat meat and milk is also nutritious.

Bartering Supplies – It will be very important to have as much bartering power as possible during an economical crisis as this is the only thing that can be used in place of currency, gold, and silver. When an individual is in need of food no amount of gold and silver will suffice unless the individual providing the food sees the use for it. That being said, items such as food, spirits, shampoo, chocolate, soap, and various other personal hygiene supplies will have the most bartering value when they are needed. After these items basic services such as medical care, building, hunting, and farming will have a lot of value for those who are in need of assistance and can provide in return.



“A Comprehensive Supply List for Economic Collapse.” By M.D. Creekmore


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