Essential Add-Ons for Women’s Complete Health


Today due to the busy lifestyle and keeping balance between home and office, women can’t get adequate nutrients from their diet that their body needs to be. That’s the reason why health supplements are necessary for them. Even if you eat a balanced diet, there are many vitamins and micronutrients that our body can’t produce itself. They need to have vital vitamins and minerals for their body, especially after the age of 35. Ultimately you need health add-ons for better and healthy lifestyle. In this blog I’m going to list the essential health supplements that every women needs.

One of the most important vitamin and supplement is Calcium as it is necessary for strong bones, teeth, muscle contraction, proper functioning of the nerve system and lots more. By seeking its multiple roles, calcium intake should be sufficient for the body. Inadequate consumption of calcium may lead brittle bones over time. Calcium is not only necessary for the younger ones but also for old aged and postmenopausal women.

Another vitamin that comes to the category of vital supplement is Iron which has greater functionality to supply oxygen throughout the body, generates red blood cells, strengthens immune system, maintains body temperature and lots more. You just keep an eye on the level of iron as it may lower down due to monthly menstruation.

Magnesium intake is necessary for controlling disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Besides it is used to make stronger immune power and regulates blood sugar. Magnesium is being necessary for your body when the body doesn’t soak up nutrients. You might be in such condition named as gastrointestinal.

With all of that we don’t forget about Vitamin A which is good for healthy eyes, skin and immune system. It prevents our body from dryness by proper moisturization. It is also beneficial to get rid from certain cancers.

Vitamin B or B complex helps the body to retain freshness and do away with tiredness. It releases energy by converting foods into fuel. It’s good to consume it at the time of pregnancy for better muscle building.

Women need an intake of Folic Acid or Folate at the time of pregnancy. Lack of Folic Acid may lead to premature birth or getting the risk of baby born with disabilities of brain and spinal cord. It’s one of the forms of vitamin B and helps to reduce Alzheimer, hypertension and heart related issues as well.

Intake of Vitamin C is necessary for all aged women. It is related to the body growth and development. Not only that but it also helps to repair bones and tissues. Make your skin younger looking and prevents from harm induced by free radicals.

We’ve already discussed about the importance of calcium for women for all ages. Vitamin D plays one of the vital roles to absorb adequate calcium your body needs to be. It’s also associated with cell growth and makes bones and joints stronger.

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for proper functionality of the brain, preventing from inflammation, help to reduce blood pressure and having relation with the HDL (good cholesterol) which further helps in nutrient absorption and get better metabolism.

Today we all are aware of various health supplements available in the market such as multivitamin tablets and health drinks, energy drinks and lots more. These all are safe up to some extent. On the other hand, it may have side effects as well. So if you really find that you’ve deficiency and there is no other way except taking health supplements, go for natural and herbal nutritional supplements and drinks like noni juice. Before going to use any health supplements or drinks, you need to have a proper medical consultation from health experts.

I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding the same if any.

Sachi Dave
Sachi Dave is a passionate writer and working with Dave’s NONI & Juice Pvt. Ltd., the top Noni Juice Maker in India. She has a keen interest to write about health care topics such as anxiety, depression, habits, addiction, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude and lots more.