Eradicate Basal Cell Skin Cancer with These Inexpensive Topical Remedies


Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most common, and thankfully treatable, forms of skin cancer. Most people see this type of skin cancer form on their face. The forehead, nose and other spots that are consistently exposed to sunlight are the most common places for basal cell to form.

Most often a basal cell carcinoma cancer appears as a red spot that never seems to heal. The spot may even bleed, scab, or become inflamed. It will often come back again and again to these same areas and need repeat treatment.

The most popular method of treatment if you go to a doctor or dermatologist is to excise the spot with a small scalpel, stitch it up, and let it heal. Most people are not aware though, that there are actually totally natural and cost effective ways to get rid of the spot.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Solution

You can buy ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) powder at most health food stores for a very reasonable price. Simply mix the vitamin C powder with slightly warm water until it completely dissolves. You can do it in about a teaspoon of water at a time, and add tiny amounts until it will not dissolve any further.

Apply the solution directly to the suspected basal cell carcinoma spot. You will know if it’s a basal cell because it will sting just in the area where the suspected spot is. This is the vitamin C killing the topical skin cancer. It will not affect the healthy tissue around the spot.

You will need to continue mixing the solution fresh for each application. You can do it several times a day, or once in the morning and once in the evening on freshly washed skin. The spot will become irritated and will scab over eventually.

Once it comes to this point, you can leave it alone, put a band aid on it and wait for the scab to fall off. It should leave fresh, healthy skin behind if it has fully killed the cancer cells. You may need to retreat if it returns.

Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) Peel

This acid peel is mostly known as a fairly deep facial peel used primarily for rejuvenating and refreshing skin. It works by exfoliating multiple layers of skin. TCA peels are one of the deeper acid peels that are available for home use and it tends to get rave reviews from those who use it for beauty and anti-aging purposes.

New studies show that it also may be very helpful and effective in killing basal cell carcinoma skin cancer spots. It actually may be more effective than most of the other topical remedies out there because it does go several layers deep. It also tends to work in just one or two applications.

TCA is a very volatile acid, and must be used with caution. Upon application to the affected area, one must follow the instructions that come from the manufacturer carefully. It tends to only stay on the skin for mere seconds before it needs to be neutralized by water-rinsing.

It will usually form a white spot where it was applied called “frosting”. Once this happens, it must be immediately rinsed off. The effects are similar to the effects of vitamin C when it comes to what happens after treatment.

The area will typically bleed and/or scab over. Once the scab falls off, only healthy and slightly pink skin remains and will return to normal within a matter of days to a week depending on your skins healing abilities.

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