Equality: Really for Whom, the Powerful through Personally Driven Agendas!


Think about it! Many speak about equality for all, but it seems that those who speak are above all others and treated differently. Therefore, is this not inequality for those not speaking, but must follow what has been put forth before them!

The definition of “equality” is “the quality or state of being equal” (Merriam-Webster, 2008) that came about in the 15th Century. This follows the 14th Century definition of “equal” that states “like in quality, nature, or status” or “like for each member of a group, class, or society” (Merriam-Webster, 2008).

While these are definitions of words, they are upheld by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as “Equal Protection” in 1953. Again it was upheld in 1963 through being an “Equal Opportunity Employer” (Merriam-Webster, 2008), yet it seems to make no difference to anyone within a superior position or with the ability to project such a perception. Yet, the words get bantered about for all to cheer for.

A notable writer of his time, Samuel Johnson wrote on equality “Your levelers wish to level down as far as themselves; but they cannot bear leveling up to themselves” (Noe, 2014). This seems to be quite accurate as to what is taking place today. It allows for the perception to be noted that one is not allow beyond a certain point.

Most in power or authority project an utopian view such as one might have read during college within their English Composition course(s) and entitled “Walden Two” (Skinner, 1976). This book gives the perception that all can live in harmony and share all through collective managing, caring, and living. This is a bit naïve’ since individuals are just that, “individuals” and as such have their own desires for living their lives and providing some happiness for satisfactory well-being.

If one wishes to search the Internet for Walden Two communities most lead to the Fellowship of Intentional Communities, which boast 1710 communities in all, however this encompasses Spiritual and/or Religious groups as well. This is a bit misleading as it is not truly relevant to the concept of Walden Two. These groups might be communal in nature, but are centered more on Faith or a Belief structure for the perfect embodiment of soul to please the Creator or to emulate His perfection as close as possible within each individual’s life. This is quite different then living within harmony and equality among the collective.

In addition, when visiting individual secular communities one notices higher turn-over rates along with rule transitions from the original to modified ones for easier adherence. While it is understood that things and times change, it is however not understood that those wishing a utopian life and the equality desired would deviate from the original principles of Walden Two.

Evidently another’s or a different lifestyle occasionally are rosier to some until the mundane of equality shows itself to be unappealing. This happens because as human beings we might wish to deal within the collective, but actually strive for individual desires. Therefore these utopian dreams can never truly be fulfilled.

While Samuel Johnson dabbled slightly within the philosophical realm, Eric Hoffer was known more for his philosophical views. His thoughts on equality were “We clamor for equality chiefly in matters in which we ourselves cannot hope to obtain excellence” (Noe, 2014). This simply means that we can desire or hope to attain, but if achieved we wish for no other to rise to our stature. Hoffer’s quote shows the essence of human beings in that they wish to care for and/or assist others, yet due to their survival instinct rush to maintain their status and hope that others do not attain their particular level.

This concept empowers. Allows for personal agendas to be driven forward. It assists the Ego in swelling to a point of no return for most. While attaining equality might be desired and usually promised for all once done, the nature of the beast within proves greedy through no reasoning presenting those below to remain within inequality. It may even prompt a decrease within the inequality realm, which seems to be taking place during these supposed economic enlightening times.

In today’s society, those spewing equality are acquiring greater power and monetary gains; yet in contrast those that hope to achieve equality actually are falling deeper onto the wrung of inequality. The latter are therefore being relieved gradually of their freedoms and being led through behavior modifications into areas of another’s perceived concept of happiness and accept as good for their well-being.

If these thoughts strike a chord within your being, stop, stand-up, and let those with authority know that you have a Right given by your Creator to find you own happiness and live the life you desire within the bounds of legitimate Law(s)


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