Equality or equality: Which do you favor?


The first Equality equates to what is discussed in the Declaration of Independence (1776) where all are equal in body, mind, and spirit. The second form of equality equates to financial or economic status. In reality however, the second can never truly be realized as a few will always hold a higher status financially. These will also govern or manage the lower economic ranks.

The Equality of body, mind, and spirit cannot be taken from us because all the bodies’ physical aspects are the same for all humans. This fact cannot be denied. The chemical make-up is the same. We are all birth from a women. Conception can only be achieved by the mingling of sperm and egg. As beauty is said to be skin deep, the color of one’s skin is really skin deep due to pigment within the layers of one’s skin, genetic lineage, and ultra-violate ray distance of the sun. Nothing more, but yet it is made out to be much greater (Jablonski, 2012).

Color of one’s skin is no different than the difference in eye color, facial shapes, or hair color. While some prompt prejudice towards those as well, it is skin color that proves to illicit the greatest bigotry. Why is it so, as all human life began in Africa! This prominent prejudice towards skin color boggles the writers mind since we are all one and the same. Is it possible that most do not know this fact or refuse to acknowledge it (Jablonski, 2012)?

Culture is what defines an individual. Culture makes us who we are. The usage of the term ‘race’ is falsely used to describe a person’s origins. Race is nothing more than movement or a competition. People of differing colors are not competing, and if they are, what does the competition consist of? The use of ‘race’ is ambiguous in this regard and terms derived are nothing more than theory generated, and therefore fraudulently utilized (Matsumoto, & Juang, 2013; Merriam-Webster, 2008).

Those that promote political correctness, why do they seem to continue the use of terms that describe nothing close to what they ascribe them too? They project themselves as intellectuals and/or academics and knowledgeable, yet have no true understanding of correct or proper terminology usages. This baffles one beyond belief of their actual knowledge or intellectual abilities.

As for the Utopian view of life, where all share equally, this comes from the musings of B. F. Skinner (1976) in his book entitled Walden Two. If one has ever taken a college composition course, this was and is required reading. This is nothing more than the consideration of community living, which elicits conformity, restrictive individual goals, and limited thought relative to the whole as this is left to the manager(s). It is difficult to maintain on a small scale let alone achieve within a larger national or worldly scope (FIC, n.d.).

Therefore, if intellectuals/academics or those in the know cannot use proper terminology to describe an individual’s origin, how can they provide an Utopian/equal life. Additionally, they do not understand that we are already Equal and our opportunities are limitless, no matter one’s skin color. If need be communiques can be sent to the writer asking to fortify an individual’s knowledge of either Standard American English or the U.S. Constitution. Instruction will happily be provided for a nominal fee.


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